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Phantom by Peter Eggink
Item Number: TB3504

1 stars


Phantom by Peter Eggink

Phantom by Peter Eggink

ALWAYS be ready to Astonish...

"Phantom" is a specially engendered utility gimmick that you'll carry with you everywhere you go. This new secret weapon allows you to perform killer effects such as the "Haunted Deck" and "Rising Card" like NEVER before. Use ANY deck, ANY time at ANY place, WITHOUT gimmicked cards, Sleight of hand, etc. Perform authentic miracles on the spot using BORROWED items! You are going to LOVE this gimmick!

Other effects include: Catch a "Ghost" in a BORROWED bottle and watch the bottle EERILY and MAGICALLY unscrew itself from the cap! Then, Hand the ENTIRE thing out for examination.

The gimmick is invisible to the spectator's eye and is easy & totally FUN to perform!

Key Points:

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The ad and video for Phantom is total lies and Mr.Eggink should be ashamed to show his face anywhere in the Magic Community for trying to pawn off an effect using written and visual falsehoods. "NO INVISIBLE THREAD!" in large capital letters in the ads...on the video...on the packaging. But "Oooops...its not "invisible thread" all you silly's FISHING LINE that's hard to see. Ha...ha...everyone...fooled you. Not with the trick but lying about the method. The video shows cards rising...bottles turning...all with EMPTY HANDS...not a sharpie in sight. But have to hold the sharpie in your hand right next to the object...not exactly a true depiction of how the trick is done. - Steve

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