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Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X
Item Number: TB3920

1 stars


Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

Space Bottle 2.0 is a new generation of levitation. Your spectators will be amazed as THEIR borrowed bottle rotates and levitates as it magically travels from your hands to the trash. This is a POWERFUL, DYNAMIC, levitation that you can do at a moments notice and instantly repeat. You will LOVE the reactions you get with this! Boost your bookings and your reputation with Space Bottle 2.0.

Space Bottle 2.0 comes complete with DVD and gimmick.

Space Bottle 2.0 packs small and plays BIG! Don't just throw your bottles away, float them away! Discover the power of Space Bottle 2.0 in YOU! Get your copy today!

Note: This item comes with enough supplies for 12 performances. After that you need to purchase another set unless refills become available.

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Don't waste your money on this. Yes, the method is probably what you're thinking, but wondering how the heck could you use a ketchup, mustard, or soda bottle right? Well, you can't!!!! This statement is very misleading and an outright lie. Even getting a plastic bottle water bottle to spin the way shone of trailer is almost impossible. This is another scam I regrettably fell into. Steer clear of this production. Shame on Steven X!!!!! - Adam

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