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Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti
Item Number: TB4004

4 stars


Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti

Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti

Finally you can learn and perform Wordsmyth, the hit trick that fooled Penn & Teller! Wordsmyth is mentalism with fascinating props and an intriguing plot.

In an amazing coincidence, a spectator randomly selects a word from a dictionary as participants take randomly selected scrabble tiles from a net bag. These tiles are formed into any word...that perfectly matches the prediction.

You receive everything you need to perform this parlor miracle: you get the forcing bag, the necessary scrabble tiles, the custom made tray for the tiles (which has the slickest switching device you can imagine built into it), the fake-tip pencil, and the perfect storage case to keep the props together. You also get a DVD detailing every aspect of the trick and presentation. The only thing you need to supply is a soft-back book or dictionary.

Great parlor material is VERY difficult to find, particularly material that doesn't involve playing cards. That's why Wordsmyth is so highly acclaimed and useful.

The effect is very easy to learn and perform. This is one that you can insert into your parlor show to add something truly unique and different.

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- I think this is a fine addition if you normally do shows for a hundred people or less and it will fool the pants off them. - Christopher Carey FULL REVIEW

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