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Mind Camera - Onosaka
Mind Camera - Onosaka
Item Number: TB5065



Mind Camera - Onosaka

Magicians asks the spectator to choose one card from a deck, no force at all. The spectator has signed on the card, and the signed card is returned to the deck and shuffled.

From the beginning of this magic, the spectator has been wondering about something the magician has hanging around his neck.. It is a board with a BIG and Spooky Eye imprinted on it.

He explains it is “Mind’s Camera” which can read and shoot photos of everything, even someone’s mind.

He puts film inside the camera, so it’s ready to take photos…
The spectator is now asked to think of the chosen card in his/her mind as strongly as possible…

The magician removes the film out of the camera and shows it to the spectator.
WOW! The back of the card has shown up on the film!! But it’s not enough though…

He reveals the other side of the film…. The card face appears in the photo, and even his/her signature is captured on the film!!! Wow, WOW! It was true that the camera can read and capture everything…

It’s sufficiently magical as is, but the magician explains that the camera can make the picture become real. He makes a magical gesture…. The card in the film is removed to be not just a photo, but something real of this world… It is the actual card that the spectator had earlier signed…

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