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Howzzat The Clown
Howzzat The Clown
Item Number: TB6039



Howzzat The Clown

This is one of the best card in balloon ideas to come along in a long time! Show a very colorful wooden cutout of Howzzat The Clown. He stands about 18 inches tall and is silk screened in a zillion bright colors. In Howzzat's left hand is a top hat. In his right hand is nothing-for the moment. From a shuffled packet of cards, have a spectator select one card. Have the spectator sign the card. If you are working for very young children you can use Alphabet Cards or Picture Cards.

Have the spectator replace the card in the pack, shuffle the pack and place it inside Howzzat's top hat. Now, inflate a balloon and attach it to Howzzat's right hand. The fun begins! At your command, Howzzat tips to his right. The balloon bursts. And, the selected car appears in his hand!! It looks wild! It's as if he tossed the card from his top hat into his other hand totally visual. Howzzat is mechanical and self-contained; He packs down flat, yet plays so big!

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