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Spellendar by Phill Smith*
Item Number: TB6719

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Spellendar by Phill Smith*

Spellendar by Phill Smith*

Spellendar is an amazing, new self-working miracle from the brain of UK mentalist Phill Smith. One spectator freely chooses a word from a calendar and remembers the date associated with that word. Another mentally chooses a card from a shuffled deck. A deck, in full view since the beginning of the effect, is dealt through. You spell to the suit and value of the card, and count to the date they selected, and table the card you stopped on. Any other choices would have left you with any other card. There is no weird mis-count, no variable procedure that changes every time - everything is consistent and fair.

You show the deck, and reveal there is a different word written on every card, and although the choices were unknowable, free and fair, and the two selections were totally independent, and EVEN THOUGH you have no idea what the word was, not only is the tabled card their chosen card, but the chosen word is PRINTED on the face.

Spellendar is self-working, with an instant reset - it always hits, and it always kills, a logical gut punch that leaves spectators reeling.

Your Spellendar purchase includes all the special props required to perform the effect - the printed calendar, the specially designed custom-printed deck of cards, a link to downloadable written instructions and a comprehensive video explaining exactly how to perform the effect. Spellendar is ideal for close-up and cabaret performances, one-on-one or with a group, and its easy method means it's accessible and fun to perform.

(Gimmick and Online Instructions)

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