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Mystify by Vinny Sagoo
Item Number: TB6931

4 stars


Mystify by Vinny Sagoo

Mystify by Vinny Sagoo

Mystify is a book test like no other and fits snuggly in your pocket. It's unlike conventional book tests that are cumbersome and utilize difficult codes, gimmicks, and other obscure methods.

Mystify is compact, light and has a very simple system that will take minimal time to learn. To perform Mystify, you simply ask a spectator to select a page number from the book. For instance, they might select page 50, whereby you then ask them to remember a word several lines down on that page. You then proceed to read the spectator's mind and reveal the word.

You can repeat the trick with the same spectator, or indeed with several spectators at the same time, all selecting different pages and words.


"OMG! Just get this, 5 out of 5. This pocket-size book test is perfect for the mix-and-mingle mind magic that I do. No pumping for information, very easy to do with very little memory work, and the 120-page book can be examined. This is now my 'go to' book test... I love it!"
- Paul McCaig (Psychic Mentality and The Card Collection)

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Absolutely love this! Easy to use and amazes audiences I am careful not to repeat as an audience member might be familiar with phonetic alphabet ONLY shortcoming is a typo in the book (at least one). If the person picks p.69, the word "oscar" is misspelled - Richard

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