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SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)
Item Number: TB7357

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SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)

SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)

Made in France. Perfected in the USA.

SvenPad Elegance -- the FINEST SvenPads we have ever made. Period.

These are the top of the line. A culmination of everything we've learned so far. Real French pads remade into SvenPads.

We invented the world's best forcing pads, so we know a few things about them. We will not compromise on quality or pushing the upper limits of what is possible, so you can perform the IMPOSSIBLE.

The Rhodia Edition pages feel feather light and supple smooth. These buttery velvet pages flip automatically - gliding through your fingers effortlessly!

Because these pocket-sized writing pads are so ordinary, they will never be suspected as a forcing prop. These are REAL pads remade into SvenPads.

These SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Editions take THREE FULL DAYS to manufacture just one single pad.

They are so insanely perfect, you won't even know that you are using a SvenPad.


These are genuine 80-page Rhodia Bloc 13 pads that, for the first time, have been reborn into our famous SvenPads.

Rhodia pads are familiar old friends, beloved by generations. They are known as some of the finest writing pads in existence. From Australia to the U.K. and especially in their birthplace of France since the 1930's, Rhodia stands for Qualit and supriorit, without compromise.

Our Rhodia Edition Three Day Production Process: The result is a SvenPad that handles like an exotic sports car in your hands, yet looks completely innocent.

Since there are 80 total pages, this SvenPad doubles the forcing possibilities of current SvenPads (40 force/40 non-force pages).

Available in both the famous orange covers (black Rhodia logo) and black covers (orange Rhodia logo).

Rhodia pads are distinctly classy yet understated.

These are NOT for everyone. They are not inexpensive. They are for performers seeking "the best of the best."

Rhodia delivers function and form in equal measure. People often think that paper is just paper, and all Svengali-type pads are the same.

But with SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Edition this is not the case. Pop one or two of these beauties into your suit or back pocket and you are ready for a James Bond evening of stylish mystery.

The mix of superior Rhodia paper and covers, fused with our famous high performance spira-glued middle seam, means pages do NOT ever move, and flip invisibly between your fingers.

The covers are constructed from flexible plastic that is both protective and classy looking (we totally remove the stiff factory cardboard in back, as it is not needed for a SvenPad). The pads flex easily but are also very tough and waterproof. Ideal for strolling entertainers or for stage use.

On the front you'll discover the timeless Rhodia logo, unchanged since the inception of the brand in the 1930's.

Genuine Rhodia paper is vellum coated, super premium, 80gsm graph paper.

This is NOT your run-of-the-mill paper; this is nearly bleed-proof, feather-proof paper that handles like a dream in your hands (especially as a SvenPad).

We still recommend you use gel ink (pen supplied). This is perfect for using with a SvenPad.

Open the pad 180 degrees and the center seam seems to be held by the spiral binding - which is only an illusion. The graph paper that Rhodia uses COMPLETELY HIDES the work.

To the naked eye, the differences in page size are imperceptible, and as always, the pad is supplied blank so that you can customize it in any language or routine.

SvenPad Elegance Rhodia Edition is available now in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Each is packed in a beautiful cotton-lined, black jeweler's box.

Each package comes with full instructions -- a PDF link for a custom SvenPad routine by the late master mentalist Bob Cassidy. You also get mentalist Michael Murray's incredible SvenPads PDF of cool new ideas + video teaching links.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 4 x 6 inches (10.5 x 14.8 cm)

DISCLAIMER: Rhodia brand pads and their logos/designs are the exclusive trademarks of Exacompta Clairefontaine (Rhodia) France and Exaclair USA. All rights are reserved and strictly limited. Exacompta Clairefontaine (Rhodia) France Exaclair USA do not endorse nor manufacture any of the SvenPads products. SvenPads utilize only genuine Rhodia pads and paper in the production of these SvenPads. The name SvenPad is a registered trademark owned by Brett S Barry PC, and all uses of the name SvenPad are strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Brett S Barry PC.

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