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FLOAT CARD by Aprendemagia*
Item Number: TB7850

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FLOAT CARD by Aprendemagia*

FLOAT CARD by Aprendemagia*

FLOAT CARD is a system that allows you to magically levitate a card in front of your spectators' eyes.

This system allows the spectator to select a card, and that very selected card begins to levitate in the air.

NOTE: For the card to be chosen, it is important that the magician has a very simple ability in terms of manipulating cards. It is important that, at the time of selection, the magician has control at all times.

When purchasing FLOAT CARD, you will receive a ready-made gimmick that will allow you to do the total levitation, which can be seen in the promotional video.

There is the option to do a levitation in the foreground, but for this it is important to make a small modification to the gimmick that you receive. This modification is very simple and is taught step by step in the downloadable video that is included with your FLOAT CARD.

Inside this set you receive:

- Gimmick FLOAT CARD
- Downloadable video
- Bonus in the video to make other levitation alternatives by adapting the gimmick that you receive.

Thanks to this system, you can make 2 levitations with which you can astound your audience and receive great praise for being able to perform the FLOAT CARD.

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