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Debajo by Juan Luis Rubiales*
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Debajo by Juan Luis Rubiales*

Debajo by Juan Luis Rubiales*

Cause coins, a dollar bill and a key to appear... beneath four NAMED cards!

This routine is an ideal, formal close-up effect. Simple in plot and filled with opportunities to interact with your audience, you make four simple wagers. You remove a card and table it, and then ask someone to guess which card it is. First you bet small: a couple of coins. Then you bet twenty dollars, and finally, you bet your house.

You cause each wager amount to appear beneath the cards on the table: a quarter, a half-dollar, a twenty-dollar bill, and a house key! To conclude, you show that the cards you placed down... each one BEFORE the spectator chose a card, are exactly the named cards.

The skill level on this effect is completely easy, and it's 100% reliable. The special gimmick makes the handling effortless and it can be easily integrated into any deck. If you wish to use other objects instead of coins or keys or cards, within reason you absolutely can.

What we're most excited about here, with "Debajo," is that what you're purchasing is a three-minute miracle. Whether you use it as an opener or a middle piece, it's a fantastic way to get to know an audience and let them get to know you. It can go right from the package into your show, with eight climactic, magical moments.

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