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SUNSHINE by Sebastien Calbry
Item Number: TB7953



SUNSHINE by Sebastien Calbry

SUNSHINE by Sebastien Calbry

Imagine a visual change happening, with no moves, right in front your spectator's eyes... Or even better, while the card is suspended at your fingertips!

Effect: A card is chosen, then lost in the pack. The magician goes through the deck and removes one card, claiming that he just found the spectator's card! Quite doubtful, the spectator asks to see the face of it. Confused, the magician proposes to show another trick: he places the card at the tip of his index finger and slowly turns his hand face down and... the card does not fall! It seems to be delicately suspended to the finger...

Then with one snap, the back of the card changes to the spectator's selection, right in front their eyes and with no cover at all!

Discover SUNSHINE, the new incredible and easy-to-perform trick by Sebastien Calbry.

- Easy to do
- Gimmick included (ready-to-use)
- Incredibly visual
- Includes refills to adapt the gimmick to your favorite deck

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