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Layer by Dylan Sausset
Item Number: TB8481

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Layer by Dylan Sausset

Layer by Dylan Sausset

Would you like a new sensation during a floating card?

Layer is made for you! Here, with this gimmick, the card can float in the air with a brand new system.

What is new about this gimmick?

When the card begins to float, you can choose how to make it levitate! It can be slow, or the card can jump under your finger! While it's floating, the card can rotate 60 degrees to the left and to the right!

The spectator can remove a card that's under the floating card!

And the best part -- the spectator can make the card float himself!

In the explanation, we will teach you 2 different routines that I use with this gimmick.


Online instructions & gimmick included.

"A real levitation and a clever gimmick -- congratulations on your creativity"
- Sebastien Calbry

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