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IMPRESS by Kevin Li & Hanson Chien
Item Number: TB9655



IMPRESS by Kevin Li & Hanson Chien

IMPRESS by Kevin Li & Hanson Chien

An impression changes on their skin.

From the mind of Kevin Li & Hanson Chien, 6 years in the making.

Using a Sharpie cap, you make an impression on spectator's hand, and it changes into their card, this is IMPRESS. In addition to making the impression change, you can transport it from your hand to theirs.

We also invited 2 outstanding Taiwanese magicians Sean Chou and Perl Lee to create their own IMPRESS. If you love mentalism, you will definitely love their ideas.

Each version of IMPRESS can be a stand-alone product, but we decided to release them together to show you the power of IMPRESS.

Magic is strongest when it happens in the spectator's hand.

Get ready to IMPRESS. What's included in the box:

Manufactured with the highest quality materials and built to last.

See what the pros are saying:

"IMPRESS is what I carry in my pocket all the time."
- Lu Chen

"IMPRESS is so clever. The reactions speak for themselves."
- Nicholas Lawrence

"Kevin has taken a trick with deep roots, and adapted it in a modern way, using an item that is so familiar, you might have one in your pocket right now. The unseen gimmick is well made, and the audience impact is well tested."
- Max Maven

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