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Climax Wallet by Surya kumar
Item Number: TB9658



Climax Wallet by Surya kumar

Climax Wallet by Surya kumar

The Climax Wallet is a multipurpose wallet that Surya Kumar designed 8 years ago. It's design and features were built to serve both Mentalists and Magicians while also making it an everyday carry. Over the years of using it Surya has made many changes and upgrades that make the wallet an extremely practical yet easy to use tool.

The Climax Wallet is made from Genuine Leather and has 5 features built into it:

  1. Object to Impossible Location
  2. Peek
  3. S.U.C (with kind permission of Mark Strivings)
  4. Switch
  5. Out to Lunch
Along with the wallet you will receive a 1hr 15mins download featuring Surya and Tharun explaining a multitude of tricks with the wallet to get you started.

Effects include:These effects will help unleash your imagination to utilize The Climax Wallet in the best possible way and the use for this wallet is only limited to your imagination.

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