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Deuces by Nathan Kranzo
Item Number: TB9892



Deuces by Nathan Kranzo

Deuces by Nathan Kranzo

Pack small, play massive. Blow your audience’s mind with just two cards that do all the work for you. Perform a series of transpositions, vanishes, and visual appearances with just two cards. Your audiences will love Deuces by Nathan Kranzo.

Here’s what happens:

Two cards are introduced, a Jack and a Joker. The Jack is put behind the back and instantly changes places with the Joker. The magician does it again, putting the Joker underneath a table, where it instantly changes places with the Jack. This transposition can happen again and again in increasingly visual ways until finally the Joker vanishes from the performer’s hand and reappears next to the Jack. Then both cards can be handed out for examination.

You’ll receive special cards in the mail that allow two cards to instantly change places. Nathan Kranzo teaches you a full routine that’s easy to perform. The best part is that the routine you learn ends completely clean so you can hand everything out for examination. This easy to do trick is baffling to lay audiences. Start performing these astonishing transpositions with Nathan Kranzo’s Deuces.

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