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CTW by Peter Eggink
Item Number: TB9945



CTW by Peter Eggink

CTW by Peter Eggink

CTW (Card Through Window) by Peter Eggink

One of the most impressive plots in magic is the "Card Through Window" that you've probably seen performed by various celebrity magicians on their TV shows.

CTW is a new, diabolically clever principle within this plot and allows you to perform this very same powerful Illusion -it looks beyond impossible.

The effect is pretty straight forward:

A card is selected and one of the four corners is ripped off for later verification.

Next, the card is lost in the pack and the deck is sprung against a window or glass all the cards drop on the floor, one card -with a corner missing- is seemingly stuck on the window.

With a closer look however, the card is NOT on the outside but on the other side of the glass -the selected card has actually penetrated the glass. Solid through solid!

Finally the card is removed from the window and of course the missing corner matches 100%. The card may be kept by the spectator as souvenir.

CTW by Peter Eggink comes complete with a special engineered gimmick made to last and ready to go. The main unit is small enough (a bit larger then a card box) to fit inside a jacket pocket so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Key points:

"I have a great deal of respect for strong illusion design broken down to its purest form. What Peter has created here is clean and simple yet visually powerful. Most incredibly, the brilliance of the design puts the majority of the work onto the engineering of the device demanding little or no skill on behalf of the performer. It's as perfect as it gets"
- Franz Harary

"Peter Eggink has come up with a wild and clever method for one of card magic's great effects. High-tech... yet anchored in practicality."
- David Regal

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