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A.B.See by Spidey
Item Number: TB9975

5 stars


A.B.See by Spidey

A.B.See by Spidey

"This is sooo good!!! The routines are jaw droppers, the cards are beautifully made and look exactly as they should, the instruction is jam-packed with fantastic info and anyone can learn it in a few minutes. The value here is insane. Kudos to Spidey. This is a home run."
- Ben Seidman

Your spectator sees you holding a simple set of flashcards. They have no clue that it hides a brilliant secret that is about to destroy their minds!

Spidey's A.B.See Deck is not just one trick, it is a tool designed by a working mentalist with the intention of leaving your audiences speechless. Your spectator can look through a series of images and secretly choose one. With your head turned away, you'll be able to connect with their thoughts and reveal far more about them than if they had simply chosen a playing card.

They will believe that you can peer into their memories, know details about their personality and see right into their minds, the A.B.See Deck really is that powerful.

But hidden within this innocent set of flashcards is a deviously clever secret. With this brand new method, hidden in plain sight, you will instantly know exactly what they are thinking. However, they can examine the cards forever and they will never see the secret! There are no hidden markings and they genuinely have a free choice! You will be as giddy as a child when you finally understand the underlying secret.

"Spidey has taken a classic concept, made the props as natural as possible, the method as deceptive as can be with a core principle that can be learned within minutes of understanding its brilliance."
- Colin McLeod

Includes:NOTE: Although it is not necessary for English to be your first language, a good grasp of the language is recommended.

"Spidey has blended some very clever principles together to create what I think might be one of the greatest new tools for the working mentalist. The cards are cleverly gimmicked with an ingenious system that makes it all work seamlessly. This is a must have for any mentalist!"
- Richard Sanders

"It never ceases to amaze me just how clever Spidey can be. A.B.See is another in a long line of amazing magic from an amazing person!"
- Shawn Farquhar

"This trick is so good I endorsed it for free."
- Chris Ramsay

"I love Spidey's creations and his performances are always a delight to see."
- Shin Lim

"I love tricks that feel like something I'd actually have around my house. What Spidey has done with A.B.See is disguised a devilishly clever method into the most organic and innocent prop imaginable. Such an incredible idea with mountains of potential to get creative and make it your own!"
- Adam Wilber

"These are so useful! Not only can you perform devastating mentalism, but it doubles as a tool to help you learn your alphabet!"
- Eric Dittelman

"These have allowed me to take some of my favorite card effects and elevate them to more relatable and impactful pieces of mentalism. This method was easy to learn yet can be so powerful/versatile in performance."
- Blaise Serra

"Spidey has given us the gold standard of mentalism tools. They'll NEVER discover the ingenious secret of these routines. I'll be using these a TON. Highest Recommendation."
- Joe Diamond

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- A brilliant, brilliant product. Opens up new depths in mentalism without using playing cards. See my full review in the February 2022 issue of Genii Magazine. "It is brilliant. If I were a full time mentalist, I'd buy a brick of these." - Mark Phillips

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