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BLACK CROSS by Mickael Chatelain
Item Number: TC2005



BLACK CROSS by Mickael Chatelain

BLACK CROSS by Mickael Chatelain

Before I describe the effect, you should know that there is NO VIDEO TRICKERY in the demonstration video! Watch it as often as you like and you'll see that it is 100% true!

Fast doesn't begin to describe it!

A word of advice. Do not close your eyes, do not even blink, otherwise... you will see nothing!

Mickael once again goes beyond the impossible by proposing this marvel... "BLACK-CROSS".

The routine/the effect:

Take out your deck and show it front and back! This is a classic deck of cards where all the cards are different.

A spectator is FREE to choose a card, there is no forcing whatsoever!

The spectator marks his card on the face.

The card is then lost in the deck and the deck is simply placed on the center of the table.

Now take the first card of the deck and in front of your spectator, you draw a cross with your black marker!

The cross is clearly visible on your card, and since the marker is indelible, it does not erase!

Move your card closer to the deck... invite your audience to look at the cross (clearly visible).

Blow on it or snap your fingers and it disappears in full view!

You really have to see it to believe it... the disappearance is MINDBLOWING!

If the CROSS is no longer on your card, it must be somewhere else now...

Then take the deck, and run the cards one by one, face down... no cross here, no cross on this card etc...

The cards are passed one by one... until on one card, a black cross appears! Go through the rest of the deck to show that there is only one card with a cross, you guessed it... it is the card freely chosen and signed by your spectator!

Remember these important points:

BLACK-CROSS is delivered full, ready to perform with video explanation.

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