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The Hunch by Hugo Valenzuela
Item Number: TC2161



The Hunch by Hugo Valenzuela

The Hunch by Hugo Valenzuela

Simple, original and easy to transport...there are 3 qualities that stand out in this effect!!

The magician gives a choice of card to an assistant.

The magician will concentrate to guess the card and say "I have a hunch" (while touching his chest).

Then the magician shows a necklace that he had on his chest.

This transforms into a heart with a move and the magician will ask if the Ace of Hearts is the card.

The assistant will say "it's not"...

The magician will repeat another move to turn the necklace into the 2 of hearts which will also not be the selected card.

Once again the magician tries to hit by unfolding a paper accordion with hearts that was in the necklace.

This will also not give in the value of the card.

Finally the magician will ask for a cell phone to turn on his flashlight. In this way the magician will reveal a small magician (Merlin) that is transparent in the necklace and reveals the chosen card.

It can be illuminated with a flashlight, lamp or sunlight.

It comes with a leather bag that protects it and an instructive video for its execution and preparation.

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