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Parson Switch Box by Davey Rockit
Item Number: TC2327

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Parson Switch Box by Davey Rockit

Parson Switch Box by Davey Rockit


Using a tuck box to switch items is organic. Your cards are in play while you're performing magic - so your audience suspects nothing if you use the box. That's what makes Parson Switch Box so powerful. It's seen as a place where the magic happens and not somewhere where you can perform sleight of hand. It's separate. This means you can use Parson Switch Box for:

Independently created by Ellusionist's Master Gaff-maker, Davey Rockit, the Parson Switch Box has beenĀ circling the underground magic community, among consultants, tv producers & lucky convention attendees.

It uses:Instead, it uses gravity. Because...

"Gravity Never Fails You"

Because of the way it works, it also means it resets instantly - and is always ready to go.

Each Switch Box is handmade by the creator himself, so you know that what you're getting isn't a mass-machined item, but something of true quality - handmade here, by a craftsman in the United States.

Available in official Bicycle Blue or Red Rider Back designs.

Get Parson Switch Box Today.

"The Switchbox is a concept that has been independently explored by many amazing creators such as Masuda, Mickael Chatelain & even as far back as Roterberg in 1897. This is my contribution to an underground tool in card magic. I hope you find as much enjoyment as I have in the astonishment you can create with this utility."

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