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Item Number: TC2411





Object to impossible location is one of the most classic, direct, and powerful effects in Magic. Its history can be traced back to more than a hundred years ago.

Just like you, we have seen countless versions of this effect, which also made us constantly ponder the question: What is the ideal version of the OTIL? That is until we discovered 'Sealed' by Treey.

Your audience would have no other explanation, except for it being a miracle!

The special gimmick enables you to instantly seal objects into truly sealed canisters. Whether they are signed cards, coins, finger rings, earrings, or any object that can fit.

The canister/container itself can be presented as a tea caddy or mini candy jar by way of a sticker label. Placing the corresponding items inside will make everything more realistic. (Note: Contents like tea leaves and candies are not included)

Lastly, the container can be given away to the audience as an unforgettable souvenir, and they will forever remember the moment when they peeled open the vacuum seal on the container with their own hands.

Each set comes with: Refill Pack contains:

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