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PORTAL by Eric Chien
Item Number: TC2558



PORTAL by Eric Chien

PORTAL by Eric Chien

Are you ready to create an impression on your audience that will last a lifetime?

Developed by Eric Chien (FISM Grand Prix Champion)... Portal has revolutionized the time honored effect of penetrating a signed coin through solid glass.


Countless versions of methods have tackled this concept of the signed coin through glass effect. But nobody has taken it this far.

Eric Chien have examined and re-designed EVERY portion of the 40+ components of the Portal pad to ensure 100% reliability, with smooth and easy operation. Plus, you can use Portal as a close-up pad too.

You will love Portal because:

What's Included:Special Notes:

Portal is designed to use coins up to 33mm (~1.5in) in diameter. For reference, the US Quarter is about 24mm and a Kennedy Half Dollar is about 31mm. However, a half dollar coin is not only close to the max size but is also heavier than many other coins. As such, its "bounce speed" is slower than other small coins. So, TCC does recommend using smaller coins. It's also important to remember that, since the strength of this routine comes from borrowing the coin, it's unlikely you'd be using coins that aren't in regular circulation.

In a regular performance environment, the electronic mechanisms will be unheard with your patter or other ambient noise. Extreme consideration has also been given to concealing Portal's mechanism in a way that makes it as quiet as possible but bear in mind there is some subtle noise when running. Portal can, and should, be performed close up.

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