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Flamano by Cigmamagic
Item Number: TC2702



Flamano by Cigmamagic

Flamano by Cigmamagic

Fire is no doubt a true attention getter in magic. The mysterious and romantic touch that comes with it makes fire a go-to effect for indoors and outdoors magic practitioners. But an inherent problem with fire has always been its unstable and dangerous nature, and this has troubled many magicians, seasoned or amateur.

Now, we are bringing to you a brand new, efficient solution to get way with the inconvenience of fire. Flamano, a delicately designed device making a wise use of light and smoke, enables you to achieve the same, seemingly fiery effect without taking the risk of using real fire. Your act will be made a lot safer, and at the same time, more adaptable to different performing conditions.

Each packet includes a Flamano set. Please note that some effects shown in the demo video are achieved with two sets.

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