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Transparent Forces - Osterlind*
Transparent Forces - Osterlind*
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Transparent Forces - Osterlind*

A system for manipulating the thoughts of your audiences that's limited only by your imagination!

Developed by Richard Osterlind over 30 years ago and used in his professional act ever since, Transparent Forces is light years ahead of any forcing apparatus currently available. You've seen its devastating use in the best-selling Easy to Master Mental Miracles and No Camera Tricks video series and now it's yours to own.

Here's what you'll receive with your Transparent Forces outfit. First, there's the apparatus itself—a clear forcing bag fashioned from heavy-duty, industrial strength materials. Unlike other bags on the market made from "freezer bags" that seem totally out of place, particularly in corporate presentations, the Transparent Forces bag has been built from the ground up.

What's more, the Transparent Forces bag is completely modular. It can be converted from a two-way to a three-way forcing bag in moments, offering the modern mentalist unparalleled versatility. Also, because of its construction, billets or slips need not be folded, thus streamlining your presentation.

You'll also receive three templates with newly-drawn silhouettes of contemporary personalities (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra), all ready for you to perform Annemann's Phantom Artist routine. These templates are supplied on heavyweight stock and can be duplicated easily via a copier or scanner.

Also included in the manual is one of the very first routines ever conceived for a transparent change bag — an uncanny triple-feature mental effect that defies detection.

Lastly, you'll receive the entire Seafire Sequence routine. Out of print and highly sought after for a number of years, this amazing book test, now completely re-written and improved, will leave your audiences breathless.

You'll be hard pressed to find any other product in the mentalism or magic fields that will give you as much value and performing power as Transparent Forces!

Transparent Forces includes:

A heavy duty vinyl change bag with two custom inserts to allow you the maximum versatility..
A set of heavy-stock templates for the “Phantom Artist” effect.
An instruction book full of incredible routines including Richard’s “Seafire Sequence."

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