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The Faraday Pad by Infinity
Item Number: TC2803



The Faraday Pad by Infinity

The Faraday Pad by Infinity

Produced by D.

We are proud to introduce you our new brand today: Infinity.

Infinity is a sub-brand by TCC Magic.

Infinity is a brand-new technology magic brand full of exploration and breakthroughs.

The first project is the one you will see next: The Faraday Pad.

About the Faraday Pad

At its most basic, you may call it a multi-function, high-tech close-up pad.

We have hidden the device under an unbelievably ordinary-looking Close-up Pad. It acts as a stage where you can showcase your most incredible magic.

Key Information:

What you can do?

Let's use a specific example to illustrate.

A dice with an initial probability of 1 in 6, now becomes 100%. Whether you or the audience member rolls the dice, it will still hit your desired outcome 100% of the time.

In other words, any magic routines that involve obtaining numbers from dice would no longer pose a problem for you.

Any Card At Any Number, number matrix, add a number or any kind of number force, you'll handle the outcomes easily.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Due to the unique design of the close-up pad, you can do much more: telekinesis, animation, and other mental or visual effects. You can make cigarettes move and roll, let coins flip and jump, control the result of a coin toss, and even bring little origami animals to life.

You can do all these unbelievable things on this single close-up pad:and so on...

What you will receive:

The set includes a wooden frame, a close-up pad, a black box unit, and remote control.

Dimensions & Features:


Close-up pad (including the wooden frame)Black Box UnitRemote ControlComplete package weight: 2.25kg (without outer packaging box)

FeaturesQuestions you might interested:

Q: What is the range of the objects placed to make the effect happen?
A: The range exceeds 10 meters. 18 meters in our test environment. Due to the limited field of the test environment, the extreme range will be larger.

Q: Will there be any sound when the effects happen?
A: It is completely silent.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery and how long does it last?
A: Before use, you need to charge for about 3-4 hours, there will be a light to indicate the charging status. (In order to increase the battery life, there is no need to fully the battery. Charging 3-4 hours before use is sufficient.) After fully charged, regular use can reach 5-8 hours. 48 hours in standby status. When it is turned off, the battery will last 72 hours.

Q: What if I lose my remote control?
A: The remote control is very important and you must keep it safe. The unit and remote control are individually paired in each set. The product cannot be used if you lose your remote control.

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