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Sorcerers Stone - Viking
Sorcerers Stone - Viking
Item Number: VK4847




Sorcerers Stone - Viking

IMPROVED-UPDATED VERSION. NOW WITH THREE BRASS BOXES!The performer displays THREE unique and unusual brass boxes. Each is adorned with a colored stone on the lid.
The performer asks for the loan of a dollar bill. He turns his back and tosses the balled up bill over his head. The person catching the bill is asked to select one of the boxes and without saying a word, he places the bill into the selected box, sealing it. The three boxes are now moved about on the table.

The performer turns around and simply passes his hand over the boxes (he touches nothing and asks no questions). He holds his hand over the boxes and then announces the box which contains the bill...He is right on the money!

Now, he seems to get an impression and asks the spectator to jot down some numbers... they seem to be the serial number of a bill. The spectator opens the brass box and removes the bill. He verifies that the serial number merely thought of by the performer is correct! The bill is returned to it's owner.

All this is accomplished without the aid of secret peeks, confederates and no questions are asked by the performer.
You receive three custom made brass boxes, a custom three pocket velvet carrying case and complete instructions.
Now listen to this: You can name the selected box BEFORE your turn around. This is diabolical and will be in your Magic arsenal the moment you receive it. The use of three boxes make this effect ever-so more difficult to detect the secret.

BONUS: Includes 2 bonus routines one in which you can mail the boxes to a client and perform the effect over the PHONE!
The Finest Quality, as you have come to expect from Viking Mfg.

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