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Zaney Blaney Suspension 3001
Item Number: ZB1001



Zaney Blaney Suspension 3001

Zaney Blaney Suspension 3001

From our estate collection.

This is an original Zaney Blaney illusion used only a few times. It is in pristine condition

Original cost was over $6,000 being offered at $3,500 (negotiable).

This is only available for pick-up at our Maryland location. Shipping not offered

Please contact us if you are interested in viewing this illusion in person

The illusion is totally self-contained, easy to set up, in less than 10 minutes, only 3 bolts used. It can be set up and stored off-stage, then pulled into position with a short rope just prior to performance. It holds up to 150 pounds (68 kg). Angle sight lines are the same as the Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation. 45 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left. Total prop weighs just 105 pounds.

Also, comes with the GREAT WHITE HOOP

This is a 30 inch, gleaming white, extremely sturdy plastic hoop which enhances the routine of virtually any levitation or suspension. It does the same thing that the more expensive stainless-steel Blaney Miracle Levitation Hoop does

Hold the hoop in one hand and pass it straight over the floating lady, starting at her head, along her body, off at her feet, and back up into the air. This is just what you would do if your lady were actually floating in air by real magic.

Over 300 Great White Hoops are being used around the world, and all agree it makes their levitation or suspension into a real miracle.

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