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We receive lots of letters from our many happy customers. If you have something to say, we'd like to hear from you.

I just wanted to say that I am VERY impressed with your service! Not only do you guys have absolutely anything a magician could ever want, but you are able to get it to me in about two days, which is incredible! Fast shipping at an excellent price! I have no idea how you guys are able to do that but PLEASE keep up the good work! A++!!! I ordered wormhole and some vectra line on friday, it shipped saturday, and I received it today on Monday! HOLY SMOKES! - Christoper P - North Carolina
I've been a long time customer via your website and lately I've made some bigger purchases from you. I'm a semi-pro magician working around Indianapolis IN and for a long time have had no options for a local magic dealer. I've tried a few, but none compared with The Magic Warehouse. Several years ago, my only local brick and mortar shop went out of business and now sells only by internet. Overall I just prefer The Magic Warehouse and I just wanted to take some time to say thanks and why I think your shop is really great. Please share this with those you feel should know as well.
In no particular order...
1. The look and feel of your website is the easiest to use that I've found. Navigation is no problem. You have nicely arranged categories, easy searching, and a great shopping cart. I can't stand some sites who make you create extensive accounts and other things just to shop. I've never had a problem with your site itself or the order process. I've also liked the displaying of demo videos on various products. All in all, it just feels comfortable to search and buy from your site instead of a laborious process. Other sites could take a lesson on this.

2. The service is super fast and the shipping is so reasonable. Many other dealers and non-magic dealers on the internet really gouge folks on shipping. I see my order accepted right away and usually going out the next day. It arrives fast, very well packed, and usually before I can even track it online! Maybe it is my location, but I can't complain about ordering and having my products in a couple days time.
3. You are true to your name as you actually stock good stuff. I'm always pleased as a customer to see you carry new things, classic things, and tons of extra stuff that is needed i.e. gaffed cards and supplies. I can point beginners to your site as well as seasoned hardcore card guys and they can all find stuff of interest, that is saying something! I did enjoy viewing your shop pictures you put on the site. The shop looks well kept, organized, and clean. I have ordered before from some very big name shops, only to find merchandise that was crushed, torn, dusty, clearly used or dirty, and even smelled of cigarette smoke. The items I get from your shop are new and in great order. I'm a book guy at heart, and you do a great service in mailing magic books especially. Great packing always. As expensive as magic stuff is, I feel that I'm actually getting a quality product when I order it from you for the money I spend.
4. Prices are reasonable. I also like that you reduce older sets, especially DVDs, as well. The clearance section is a nice part of your site as well. Often I hop on the site to see what's new and what's for sale since those are easy to navigate. If you don't have a new item in stock right away that I desire, I will wait until I see you post it to the site and then order it from you before going elsewhere. Older magic DVDs should not cost $35 all the time. You understand that and keep the customer in mind. That is nice.
So thanks for being a great supplier to us magicians. I tell all my fellow magicians about your site. I only wished I lived closer so I could attend some lectures! Looking forward to many future orders with you.
- Brian M - Indiana
I typically to not write letters - whether those of complaint or complement. However, I am compelled to send along this note to express how impressed I am with your ability to conduct business in a professional and timely way.

I have ordered from other suppliers of magic but find that you outshine them all. I have found that your prices are certainly competitive with others, but more than that, you have consistently proven that you can ship in a timely way - even at Holiday time. Other suppliers charge (as you do) for priority shipping - yet it takes 2 to 3 times as long for their package to arrive! It is obvious that others either do not have stock on-hand or they just can't seem to get stuff out the door on time.

Thank you for your commitment to service. When I have a choice, I will certainly choose the Magic Warehouse for my magic supply needs.
- Ron F - Illinois
Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your excellent service and fast shipping. I am a working full time professional entertainer, and have ordered many things from you, and have not once been disappointed in the service that you offer, great prices, and the unbelievably fast shipping. I just wanted to take the time to say "Thanks" and you are appreciated! I will for sure continue to shop at your store for items that I need and have already referred many other magicians in my area, and via email to your site! Thanks again. - Thomas C - North Carolina
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your shop and service. I have ordered quite a few times from your site over the last few years and the speed of service and delivery is great. I receive the items normally within 5 days and that's international to Ireland. I buy quite a lot of things on the Internet and some people charge exorbitant prices for delivery and don't provide such a good service. - Paul B - Ireland
Is there a way for me to say in your website that you guys are the best? - Luc L - Canada
I would just like to say thanks for shipping the replacement unit of Hot Leads so quickly. It arrived on time, worked perfectly all day and gave me that very, very uncommon fuzzy feeling caused by receiving EXCELLENT service from a magic dealer. In 15 years of performing magic professionally, I have NEVER been so impressed with an online dealer as I was with Magic Warehouse. You will receive 100% of my business for the items you stock and any items you can special order. I will recommend you to my students and colleagues. You are the best. - J. Andrews - Visalia, CA.
Hats Off to you again!!! I received my order today (Thursday) that I placed on Tuesday. I just cannot believe the incredible PRICES you have along with QUALITY MERCHANDISE. The shipping is so fast that you never have to worry about your order from The Magic Warehouse. The Magic Warehouse sells QUALITY MERCHANDISE, unlike some other internet companies who will sell you anything as long as they make a quick buck. My orders are always correct and are packed to perfection. I really appreciate your customer service. As I have stated before you have a customer for LIFE!!! If anyone reads this comment please know that I DO NOT, nor have I ever worked for The Magic Warehouse. Customer for LIFE. - Rodney P. - Michigan
I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for the best delivery service I have ever had. I ordered a Joe Lefler (Large) Pro Table on Friday July 9, 2004. I received it today Tuesday July 13, 2004. I am amazed at the speed of your order processing and delivery service. The person I spoke with on Friday stated "You will have your order on Tuesday" I thought to myself, yea right. I could not believe it when the UPS driver showed up today with my package. And the product I order was just what I wanted and as far as the pictures on the website go, the Pro Table was as described. Hats off to Howard and his staff, you have just gained a customer for LIFE!!! So many people today try and sell you something and it shows up 2-3 weeks later. I strive for customer service and that is my number ONE PRIORITY. As for The Magic Warehouse I will mention you to all of the people I come in c! ontact with. I believe that The Magic Warehouse has Great Products at Superb Prices and A+A+A+A+ for Delivery Servcice. - Rodney P. - Michigan
Just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I was with my latest order. The price and delivery speed were outstanding. So good that I took the time to post the following praise on
I ordered something from The Magic Warehouse yesterday and it arrived this morning - and no, I did not pay for overnight shipping. Not only that, but they were the only dealer who had what I needed, everything in stock. To put the icing on the cake - they were also the cheapest around. From now on it will by my FIRST stop for magic shopping. - Thomas C. - New Jersey
I am really impressed and really grateful of your customer service and swift reply to customers' needs. I am 100% satisfied with the products I ordered and I am really impressed with your low prices. The products I received were QUALITY and nicely packaged. I DEFINITELY will order your products again and again in the future. Keep up the good work!!! - Andrew Loh - Malaysia
Thank you for your exceptional service! Not only do you have the best prices on the web, but you've got the fastest delivery with the most reasonable shipping cost I have seen. I needed a replacement umbrella for a show next week. It arrived TODAY -- two days after placing the order. Thank you, thank you, thank you. David J. - Colorado
Thank you for your valuable time and for the wonderful customer service. I ordered products on Saturday afternoon and the shipment arrived at it's destination two days later (Monday). Wow, this IS PHENOMENAL service!!! The low prices your company has for the magic supply and the quality of product is unforgettable and unbelievable, yet true. The Magic Warehouse is a place I look forward to purchasing from OFTEN! David B. - Maryland
Wow. I was blown away! Truly astounded! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I ordered my stuff Thursday evening, you guys shipped it on Friday, and Monday afternoon it was HERE! You have to understand, I live on Maui. I'm used to stuff taking WEEKS to get here. Thanks again for being the absolute BEST on the web Leith L. - Hawaii
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I have been doing business with you. I have placed several orders over the last year and half or so and have never been disappointed. I can expect delivery within a couple days, and your prices and shipping rates are better than any other magic site I have dealt with. Jay B. - New York
All I have to say is your shipping ROCKS!!! I have ordered things for other companies and it has taken as long as a week and a half to get items, even from companies that were less that 100 miles from me. It is awesome that a company 3000 miles from me can get me my order in 2 days. You guys are the first place I look when I want to purchase new magic because of your great service. I just want to say thanks for having such a high level of customer service. Ohhh yea, you also have the lowest prices out of any other retailer that I have seen. I think that is totally awesome too. Robert M. - California
Hello friends at Magic Warehouse,
I received my order placed last weekend, and just had to contact you and comment on the great products and service. Ordered on Sunday and received here in Arizona on Wednesday, that's great service!
Thank you, everything looks great. Be assured I will order from Magic Warehouse again soon.
Josh T. - Arizona
Hello, I recently ordered magic from you. I order magic from alot of dealers and never recieve my order on time. I ordered my magic from you Thursday and I just receved it today (Monday). Everything I ordered is in working order and just in time for my 4:00 performance. Thank you for your service! Jeff G. - New York
I am impressed with the delivery and the product condition. It took 5 days to reach Singapore and at a lower shipping rate. I love it! I will surely order your products again. It will not be the end. Fendy - Singapore
Through this year I have been ordering from you guys, how do I know you guys are the best? Because you have proven to me that you have reliable service and you have a selection that keeps me coming back for more magic items that I crave. My pleasure doing business with you guys at the present and in the future! Fred D. - New York
You have them all beat on prices. Believe me I shop all the sites and come back to your when I place an order. But price is nothing compared to the incredible SERVICE and SPEED of shipment. I won't recomend any other site but yours. If everyone knew about The Magic Warehouse, the web would shrink overnight.
I would just like to say that this is the second order I've made and I think you're service is un-matchable, fast and the cheapest! I live in Australia and the tricks I ordered got here in 5 working days! Other places took 2 weeks! Jonathan T. - Austraila
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your web site. I am pretty much using it now for all my magic needs. - Especialy my new found interest in the works of Mentalist Kenton Knepper. So, Thank you for running the site and Many Thanks for processing and shipping my orders out so Fast and with no fuss or muss. David H. - California
I received my order yesterday. Thank you for your promptness and thoroughness in handling my order. I've always received only the best service from you and truly rank you as the best magic site with which to do internet business. Phil D. - California
Your prices cannot be beaten in the UK. Some of your prices are over 50% cheaper than the UK. I have searched your extensive catalog for products and have not found any item that you do not stock! The order has only taken 6 days to arrive all the way from the US. Jason - U.K.
I have just received my second order from your company in the past month. Your customer service and performance has been outstanding. I have already recommended a few people to use your services. If you ever need a positive reference about the quality of your company, feel free to use me. Lee B. - Florida
Just wanted to say how great my experience with Magic Warehouse has been. Your customer service is fast and courteous and the shipping was the fastest I've ever seen. Also, the quality of the products is excellent. Far surpassing what I was expecting, considering the price. And speaking of the price, you guys have the lowest price on just about everything. I am definitely buying any and all magic supplies from you whenever possible now. Jason G. - California
Thank you very much for the order which I received today, only 5 days after I placed the order! The quality of the packing and the products is excellent. I am particulrly impressed with Black & White Surprise and Ball Thru Hand. I am pleased to know a company that is reliable and provides quality products at a good price with quick overseas delivery. We don't have anything like this in New Zealand! Andrew P. - New Zealand
I'm going too start doing a lot more business with the Magic Warehouse. You take care of the customer #1 and your service is excellent; that's somethng you don't fine much of now a days. James R. - Illinois
I just thought you should know how pleased that I am with your service. I read your other letters about fast shipping, but still was a bit skeptic. I have dealt with other magic web sites, and have waited several weeks for my order. Even with the tragedy that has happened on Tuesday September 11th, you where still able to get my order out, and I got it within 3 days, and that's with me living on the other side of the country. You really do deliver what you promise! I thank you for your service, and will definitely be a repeat customer. I hope to use the magic I purchased to put a few smiles on peoples faces, as more frowns have been seen in the last few days. You put a smile on my face, and showed me that even in the face of tragedy, America will always be strong and free. God Bless America! Scott S. - Nevada
I want to think you for the great service I've received from the Magic Warehouse. I have your link on my website and often recommend you to other entertainers in Alaska. Steve H. - Alaska
Just to let you know I purchase magic at various places but you consistently have had better service in shipments on time then anyone else. You are real professional and I appreciate it Don S. - New York
I would like to thank you for the wonderful internet experience that I have had with your company. There are very few vendors who care as much as you do about customer service. Jay H. - New York
Can I just say a big thankyou for my order. It's the first time I've tried purchasing from the UK to America and I received my items in just 7 day's which was excellent.
Also the hummer card item I bought is the best piece of magic I've bought for a long time. In only a couple of hours I had the card floating between hands and around my body. You will definetely be receiving further orders from me. David M. - UK

I have ordered at your shop many times and I always get the merchandise within a few business days. I am impressed with the prompt service and the selection of tricks in the catalog, especially the alphabetical search feature. This is the first Magic website that I go to when I want to buy magic tricks. Keep it up! Donald N. - Illinois
Howard and staff, Many, many, many thanks. I recieved my item through the post here in England this morning only one week after ordering. Most impressive, even more impressive since three of those days our ever reliable royal mail were shut for easter. Well done to yourself and your staff for such a prompt and efficient service. I must admit I was a little weary at first ordering out of my own country but not any more. I would also like to say that going through your company and having it shipped over here cost less than ordering in my own country. I saved my self about fifteen pounds (or ten dollars). I look forward to my next order. Once again many thanks Peter T. - U.K.
So far your the best magic web site I've found. Your hot list is always updated with the newest magic items with great prices. Ordering items on this site always arrive faster then any other sites. Please keep up the GREAT service to your brother magicians. Steve m. - Maryland
I want to thank you for your prompt and great service..You made a customer for life.... Barry C. - Florida
It's nice to know that you are aware that a real live person is behind my e-mail address. I have received excellent service and products, and Howard makes sure to respond and answer all my e-mails regardless if I'm ordering or just need information. I don't even bother to look at the other web sites anymore. Don W. Fairburn, Georgia
Just wanted to thank you for being the best magic store on the web. Any time I need a magic trick I get it from your store because you have the best quality and are the fastest. I depend on you to bring me the finest tricks in the world. On a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 20. Keep up the good work!! Marcus T. - Italy
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I intend to use your company for all my magic supply needs in the future. Patrick Y. - Hawaii
I have received my order with great speed, I think you, have the best service on the net, sorry, i have tried other magic stores on the net and it has taken weeks for the product to be delivered, so I have recommend your sight to others. Once again thanks for the service. Colin R. - England
I just recently ordered from you and I must say that you have the fastest shipping I have ever seen from an internet company! Your prices are incredible and the quality of your items are top of the line. I never expected service this great, and I would just like to thank you for your business. Customer service is the #1 most important thing in business and I will definitely buy from you many times over. Justin D. - North Carolina
Just received the JP CUP and the Liberty's and wanted to thank you and your company for your prompt and wonderful service. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I will tell all of my friends about you! Many Thanks, Joseph L. - New York
Thanks once again for your help - I was so impressed when the first order arrived last Saturday not only were the items superb, but I was amazed with the speed which it had arrived (my previous supplier's parcels always took between 4 - 6 weeks!!!) Stuart B. - England
I keep ordering from you as your mail service is second to none. I get my orders from you a lot quicker than from british sites. so keep that post moving.... D.B. - England
Dear Howard, After four orders from you I am writing again to tell you of your fast and efficient service. All four of my snail mail orders have had an average time of nine days or less. Besides excellent mail order service you also have a easy to navigate, well designed web site. Your product descriptions are simple and accurate, along with a well stocked inventory. You don't list items that are discontinued and if an item is temporarily unavailable you let your customers know in that product listing. The Warehouse has a good varied up to date selection of magic along with the best and lowest prices in comparison to other magic dealers on the Web. Its always a pleasure doing business with you Howard and I highly recommend the Warehouse to anyone who is looking for an honest, reputable online magic dealer as evidenced by myself and many other Warehouse customers. Jesse A. - Florida
Just to let you know I recieved the book last week, and to say how happy I was with the speed of shipment and how cheap the postage was. You are the only US supplier I have found so far that actually charges a fair price for shipment to overseas customers. David M. - Australia
You guys have the best prices around, and trust me, I've seen EVERYONE else!!! Chris P. - New Hampshire
My order arrived safely this morning. May I congratulate you on both your service and your prices...I will definitely be recommending you to other IBM members in this area! . I look forward to placing more orders with you in the near future. Wallace B. - Northern Ireland
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I appreciate your prompt service. I'm currently a helicopter pilot stationed in Japan. I'm always at sea, but somehow you guys manage to get my stuff to me faster and at more reasonable prices than anyone else. You rock! Doug R.
I have been doing business with The Magic Warehouse for about 2 years. I am extraordinarily impressed with how fast the shipment comes in. You have the best magic variety I have ever seen. KARL S. - HAWAII
Hi, I just received my order, and I can't even begin to tell how surprised and impressed I was with the quality of the TV Card Frame that you sent. The local magic shop wanted over twice as much for a cheapo plastic one, and you supplied a beautiful quality wood one at a bargain price. I was floored. Brian A. - Minneapolis, MN.
Thank you for a very pleasant experience. The order I placed got here exactly when you said it would, which was phenomenal shipping speed. All the items were as expected, and prices are/were great. Dave C. - Phoenix, AZ.
I just ordered a few items from you - and wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company - you have a wide variety of good products, your prices are reasonable, and your service is excellent - I received my items in 2-3 days as advertised. James F. - Kansas
I love doing business with you people ... Rev. Steven M. - New Jersey
Excellent Prices and great products... Best and cheapest on the web! Norman T. - California
WHAT SERVICE!! THANKS MUCH!! I've bought a lot of stuff over the internet and The Magic Warehouse has been far and away the best organized site, the best service, and your prices are good as well. It's a pleasure working with people like you. Chuck C. - Texas
Both your prices and your service are outstanding! Personally, I'll stick with you guys when buying magic. Steve M. - New jersey
Just thought I would drop you a line and thank you for your prompt service on my order. I am very happy with the balloon needle and the needle wand. The other items were exactly as advertised and at a very reasonable price. I ordered the items on thurs morn and they were delivered on sat morn. Larry M. - Missouri
I have been doing business with The Magic Warehouse for about 2 years, and I have found that this is the best place for magic that I have ever seen. You are always on time with delivery and very courteous. Thank you for running a place like this where I can get good quality magic for very good prices. Nic G. - Arkansas
I recived my set of Mutiplying Bottles today (saturday). They are great. Thank you for your great service. I will oder from you often. Doug B. - California
.... to say the least without you I wouldn't be were I am today. Your help with all the magic supplies keeping me up to date with the lastest tricks as well as the classics. Thank you. Brandon D. - Maryland
Howard, I am pleased to say that all the items I asked for have reached me and I must admit, the quality of ALL the props are impeccable! All of the tricks are in perfect state, and that's pretty amazing consideriung the distance it travelled. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I did purchase these amazing tricks from you! From now on, you've earned yourself a new customer! Thank you once again all the way from South America! Regards, A. Sarian
Hello I ve received today all the tricks and the video tapes ! Everything is ok. Thank you very much! You have the best magic shop. Yi L. - France
I received your video on "Learn to Levitate", I think it's great. I just wanted to thank you for your prompt and almost immediate delivery of all the products that I have ordered from you. The prices that you offer the products at are incredibly LOW. I save about 30% from you than buying from my local magic shop, AND it comes to my door. I check your prices last because I know I WILL find the lowest prices by far. Raj K. - California
I cannot thank you enough Howard. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. One thing is for sure, you will be receiving a lot of orders from me in the future. Adam B. - Arizona
Hi, I just received my order, you guys are the best company I've ordered from yet and I'm back for more... Richard S.
I received my videos on Saturday. Just wanted to say that I'm VERY pleased with what I received... Jason F.
Your store is one of the best I've seen on the Web ... Scott M.
Howard, the books (Tarbell #1-8) were waiting for me when I got home last night. What quick service!.. Craig K.
I cannot believe how low your prices are... Chris A.
Hello. I received my order today and want to commend you on the excellent service that you provide. The items are excellent quality and your prices are very good. I look forward to doing business with you again very soon in the future and be assured that I will refer as many magician friends as possible to you. Curt F.
The speed that the delivery arrived that is what I call magic. Everything arrived Saturday morning 05/09/98 Exact on my Birthday Steve H. - Belgium
I order an item called "Dynaswitch". Let me say that this effect is "GREAT"!!!! I could not believe the effect (in the mirror)! The price is understated to say the least, an effect like this could go for a whole lot more!!!! Ben F. - California
I have looked at other magic retailers on the internet, and your service is, by far, the best. You have the best prices, the best service, the fastest shipping, and the quickest responses. Thanks! Brandon N.