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Tricks: Magic On Sale

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Scratch and Grin

88% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $4.80

by Andrew Gerard

If you have ever wanted to predict a REAL scratch and win lotto ticket for your audience, now you can!

Andrew Gerard is giving you an amazingly simple and clever tool to add to your arsenal.

You can predict a scratch and win ticket held in a spectator's hand from across a room!



Second Chance by Wayne Dobson

68% OFF
Was $27.95   Now $8.94

Wayne Dobson has a knack for invention knockout effects with great presentations, that are easy to do and Second Chance is one of his finest creations!

Without you even touching the deck, a spectator thinks of any card, removes it from the deck and hides it in their pocket. You then take another deck and claim that you are...


Shadow Box by Jesse Feinberg & The Magic Estate

68% OFF
Was $19.95   Now $6.38


In the beginning there was darkness, and from that darkness we found light, and from this light came everything!
This is Shadow Box, a close up illusion from Jesse Feinberg!

  • No gimmicks!
  • Completely impromptu!
  • Use...

    Sick by Sean Fields

    68% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $6.38

    Sean Fields is back with one of the most disturbing close up illusions ever!

    Borrow a coin. Swallow it. What happens next can be described in one word.


    Take a knife, and slice your arm wide open. The spectator can see the wound open, and the blood flow.

    With no movement or cover, the spectator...


    Side Show - Joshua Jay

    36% OFF
    Was $5.00   Now $3.20

    The magician displays a group of what appear to be normal, two-sided playing cards. However, the cards are then shown to have four sides, three sides, two sides, and even one side! The last card, while held in the spectator's hand, is found to have no sides at all!

    Joshua Jay's Side Show comes complete with everything you'll...


    Silent Linking Rings by Mayette Magie Moderne

    68% OFF
    Was $32.00   Now $10.24

    Effect:The Magician shows three ribbon-rings (one red, one blue, and one yellow), and a paper-made cone. He puts the ribbons one by one into the cone, leaving the last one hanging out. After a few magical gestures, he shows that the three ribbon-rings are now mysteriously linked together.


    Silver Lining by The Miracle Factory

    68% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.60

    Featuring the photography of Cambry Curry

    A unique card effect with a surprise visual ending!

    Eight beautiful postcard photos of a clear blue sky change one by one into dazzling photos of gorgeous clouds.

    And because every cloud has a silver lining, you then produce...



    68% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $7.98


    Create Amazing Sculptures as You Magically Bend Silverware

    "I have created a lot of bent cutlery formed into jewelry in the past, but have never seen a manual this comprehensive and well done dealing with the beauty and method of designing jewelry out of spoons and forks!



    Skyline (Gimmick & DVD) by Danny Weiser

    68% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.58

    Your spectator selects a card. You tear off the corner, show both sides of the remaining card, and then in the blink of an eye the card is magically restored!

    Created by Danny Weiser, Skyline is an incredibly easy and in-their-face effect that can be performed it a number of different ways. Danny teaches how to use the included handmade...


    Smashed - Jay Sankey

    68% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.60

    No palming! Super easy! If you can hold a pencil you can perform this reputation-maker!

    Can be performed with an ordinary pencil and a BORROWED COIN! You can even perform this shocking effect with an INITIALED coin!

    You can immediately HAND-OUT the pencil with the coin still stuck on it!



    Smoke Rings - David Forrest

    64% OFF
    Was $18.00   Now $6.40

    Singled out by the legendary Paul Harris for inclusion on his 'True Astonishment' DVD set, SMOKE RINGS is a truly incredible impromptu miracle!

    SMOKE RINGS is a completely impromptu, 100% examinable linking card effect which requires no preparation whatsoever. Only one card is used, nothing else. No additional gimmcks...


    Smooth Prediction by The Other Brothers

    68% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $8.00

    In this intriguing routine, you predict two cards, one thought-of and one freely cut to! This is clean, direct magic at its best.

    The Other Brothers have devised an ingenious deck of cards that facilitates the cleanest possible approach to this effect and you can reveal the predictions in your pocket, a wallet, or just...


    Smudged by John Horn

    68% OFF
    Was $41.50   Now $13.28

    John Horn has created the most visual Sharpie revelation ever. Taking the standard Sharpie revelation and turning it on its head creating a moment of instant visual impact!

    Imagine being able Smudge the Sharpie logo to form the name of a selected playing card and now imagine being able to repeat this amazing & magical feat!



    Social Mind by Nefesch

    68% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $6.38

    You can perform SocialMind with: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ETC.

    Social-Mind a.k.a. MentalGram is a collection of 3 different techniques that will allow you to perform mentalism effects using your spectator's social media on their own phone.

    The techniques are totally impromptu, absolutely practical and super mega easy...


    Social Networks by Sylvain Vip & Maxime Schucht & Marchand de Trucs

    68% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.58

    Social Networks is a tool that will give a contemporary and emotional scope to your traditional mentalism card routines (ESP cards or playing cards).

    Instead of having your spectator focus on abstract shapes like ESP Symbols, Social Networks allows you to deal with your participant's emotions and personal memories....


    Solid and Stretch by David Penn and Jonathon Farr

    68% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $12.78

    Mess with your spectators' minds as they fail to return the cap you just removed from the pen. It is literally Solid.

    The only way to solve this problem, is to take the lid back and Stretch it to three times its normal length, before casually re-capping the pen and returning it to your pocket!

    With additional ideas utilizing...


    Spontaneous Combustion by Granell

    68% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $12.78

    Created by the Magician Granell one of the most avant-garde and creative magicians from around Mexico and Latin America participating in national and international events including FLASOMA And FISM

    Spontaneous combustion is an innovative card game where you can find a card previously selected at random. To find it you increase the...


    Stacks by SansMinds Creative Lab

    68% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.58

    Have you been looking for the perfect ending effect for your card routine?

    What about that perfect transitional effect between your card routine and your money routine?

    Look no further because "Stacks" is the perfect solution to both questions.

    Stacks is an extremely practical and commercial way to make money appear...


    Stars and Hexes Elite by Reed McClintock

    89% OFF
    Was $65.00   Now $6.94

    Reed McClintock has done it again, and decided to share one of his most sought-after secrets, Stars & Hexes, a truly shocking and awe-inspiring effect.

    Take a step into your mind's eye for a moment, and imagine this: You draw a star, for instance, on your arm, then have a spectator cover the image with their hand. You snap...


    Stephen Tucker`s Aces From The Fore

    68% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $6.40

    Aces From The Fore is a visual, eye-popping, Ace EXPLODING routine invented by the actual wizard that is Stephen Tucker.

    The special Bicycle branded gimmicks provided allow you to take a Four of Hearts and proceed to tear the Ace of Hearts straight out of it. One second you're holding the Four of Hearts, then next you...


    Stessels Button by John Stessel

    68% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $11.20

    You are the victim of a strange wardrobe malfunction. One of your shirt buttons has been mistakenly sewn right nest to another button. This tragedy would leave the average person in a sad, hopeless sludge of mis-buttoned humiliation. But you are better that that!

    As your empty fingers gently tug the edge of your shirt, the out-cast...


    Street Thief by Paul Harris - US Version

    68% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $12.78

    Paul Harris Presents

    Street Thief
    by A.G.

    The Super Human Pickpocket Gimmick

    Make your wallet instantly vanish and re-appear in a SPECTATOR'S POCKET!

    All you need is the special Street Thief Wallet and you'll always be ready to steal the spotlight!




    Sucker Peep by Mark Wong

    68% OFF
    Was $29.99   Now $9.60

    A card is selected from a thoroughly mixed deck. It is then randomly lost and the deck is mixed.

    The deck is then replaced into the card box.

    In spite of this, the magician names the card out loud. Offering to explain its modus operandi, the spectator's attention is drawn to a hole cut on the card case where the index...


    Sudoku by Scott Creasey and World Magic

    68% OFF
    Was $47.15   Now $15.09

    The Sudoku Booktest looks like something that can be picked up at a local store. The reality is that this innocent looking book can be used to create a full twenty minute mentalism routine for multiple or single participants culminating in a high energy performance of the magic square.

    Every test is justified with a psychological...


    Supra Vision by Astor

    70% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $6.06

    A completely inexplicable mental effect. Is it real telepathy? It remains a mystery.

    The medium (who could be your partner) is blindfolded by members of the audience in the following manner: First, two cotton-wool balls are put over his or her eyes and taped crosswise with sticking plaster. Then the eyes are further firmly...


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