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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 29 - JUne 10th 2015
In this issue:
Roni Shachnaey’s Mystic Wallet reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

Howard Katz is a mild mannered computer guru who also happens to be CEO and chief bottle washer at The Magic Warehouse. The other day I visited his shop to see what was new and he completely blew me away with his handling of a new trick.

Roni Shachnaey has produced a handy little peak wallet called Mystic Wallet. It is a well manufactured wallet that allows you to secretly steal out paper or billets.

Howard discovered that you can easily and secretly steal out signed bank notes from the wallet. Borrow a dollar bill and have it signed by the spectator. Fold the bill in eighths and openly place it into the wallet. In the natural motion of handing the wallet to the spectator to hold onto, the bill is stolen out. There is no fumbling or awkward moves. The spectator will be absolutely convinced that his bill is still in the wallet.

You can now reproduce the bill in your favorite manner. For instance, you could perform the hundred dollar bill switch where a bill changes to the spectator’s signed bill. You could also use an effect such as David Regal’s Clarity Box. Nick, the resident sleight of hand artist at The Magic Warehouse, loads the bill into a second wallet. He uses the Speed Loader wallet.

Every magician Howard has shown this trick to has been fooled badly and he quickly sold out of the wallets. A new order comes in this week, but you don’t want to miss out.

Who knew a computer geek could be this creative.