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Mobile Mentalism by Mark Strivings
Mobile Mentalism by Mark Strivings
Item Number: BB8111



Mobile Mentalism by Mark Strivings

Practical mentalism for the next millennium and beyond...

If you perform close-up at all, you need this book...

The book that started an entire movement in the world of magic and mentalism. Prior to this book, strolling and walk-around mentalism didn't even exist. Since then, it has become a world-wide phenomenon, and it all started right here!

One of the first books (and easily one of the largest, second largest to be exact, anywhere on this subject) ever written dealing exclusively with the topic of strolling and walk-around mentalism. SIXTEEN effects and routines, all designed for the demanding world of the strolling performer.

Included are several routines by Mark Strivings as well as some of the top performers in the world of mentalism. Included are effects from such luminaries as Docc Hilford, Richard Webster, Terry Nosek, Ed Fowler aka E. Raymond Carlyle, John Riggs, Anthony Lindan, Gene Urban and Robert Waller. Taken together, this is a formidable collection of mentalism. You WILL use this material.

Included are effects specifically designed for restaurants, banquets, hospitality suites and cocktail parties. Everything can be done entirely in the hands with no tabletop needed. Everything can be worked right out of your pockets. Everything has either automatic or very quick reset.

In all, this comes to over 60 pages of hard-hitting mentalism that you WILL use.

This is a book you will refer to over and over again. If you do close-up of any kind - if you do strolling work of any kind - even you just perform for friends around the dinner table - you need this book. Over 60 pages, comb-bound in card and clear plastic covers.

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