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Denny Haney: COLLECTED WISDOM by Scott Alexander
Item Number: BB9421



Denny Haney: COLLECTED WISDOM by Scott Alexander

Denny Haney: COLLECTED WISDOM by Scott Alexander

This special collection includes the 512 page hardbound book, signed and numbered by the author. The book itself has full color photos and hundreds of teaching photos that make it easy to learn all of Denny's close up, stand up, and stage magic. You will also learn valuable lessons from reading his full biography and most importantly, his insightful thoughts on magic, that have helped turn many would-be wizards, into full time pros.

As a bonus, this collection also includes the full FOUR VOLUME DVD SERIES, Denny & Lee poster, and vintage Denny & Lee calling card. This is a limited edition and ONLY 1000 copies of this book will EVER be printed.

Check out the table of contents below, and don't miss out on this rare opportunity to help Denny make you the best magician you can be!





Part 1 - Biography

Chapter 1... First Steps
Chapter 2... My Dear Boy
Chapter 3... Chavez
Chapter 4... Student Teacher Night
Chapter 5... Blackstone and Vietnam
Chapter 6... Monterey
Chapter 7... In Country
Chapter 8... The Tet Offensive
Chapter 9... Johnny Aladdin
Chapter 10... The Lighter Side of Vietnam
Chapter 11... The Business of Show
Chapter 12... Joy and Pain
Chapter 13... Aloha
Chapter 14... Good Morning Baltimore
Chapter 15... The Magic Box
Chapter 16... The Henning Factor
Chapter 17... Magic with the Stars
Chapter 18... The Divided Lady
Chapter 19... The Return of Foodini
Chapter 20... Fortune Favors the Bold
Chapter 21...The Oriental Antagonist
Chapter 22... Bright College Days
Chapter 23... The Corporate Takeover
Chapter 24... Branching Out
Chapter 25... I Think I'll Open a Magic Shop
Chapter 26... At the Castle
Chapter 27... Viva Lost Vegas
Chapter 28... Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Part 2 - Standing Up On Stage

Chapter 1... Grave Mistake
Chapter 2... The Newspaper
Chapter 3... The Egg Bag
Chapter 4... The Card Manipulations
Chapter 5... The Bottles
Chapter 6... The Razor Blades
Chapter 7... The Bill in Lemon
Chapter 8... The Cards Across
Chapter 9... The Sidewalk Shuffle

Part 3 Illusions

Chapter 1... The Crystal Box
Chapter 2... The Hindu Basket
Chapter 3... The Sword Suspension
Chapter 4... The Canvas Covered Box
Chapter 5... The Blade Box
Full Color Photographs

Part 4 - Specialities

Chapter 1... The Billiard Balls
Chapter 2... The Dancing Cane Finale
Chapter 3... The Loyd Candles
Chapter 4...The Serpent Silk
Chapter 5... The Blood Trick
Chapter 6...The Philthy Deck
Chapter 7... Feel The Color
Chapter 8... Just Ad 'Em Up
Chapter 9... The Bullet Catch

Part 5 - Thoughts on Magic

Chapter 1... Buying Magic Versus Learning Magic
Chapter 2... Openers
Chapter 3...Your Working Library
Chapter 4... On Standing Ovations
Chapter 5... Drinking the Magic Kool-Aid
Chapter 6... Did I Ever Thank You?

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