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Assassin by Steve Spill
Assassin by Steve Spill
Item Number: BC2923



Assassin by Steve Spill

Performers kill an audience, slay 'em, knock 'em dead.

These are life and death terms. Are magic and comedy forms of passive aggression?

Magic is a couple letters away from tragic, laughter is only away from slaughter, and when an act fails, it died.

Don't die. Kill. Be an Assassin.

"Regardless of your age or magic experience, if you've ever thought about magic as a profession, you need this book. Highly recommended."
- Michael Close

"Assassin is just too good to share with new generations ... I Just want to have it for myself ... If I would just have known about this book 40 years ago, to save time ... But really, You give them far too much ... it's pure gold ... "
- Gaetan Bloom

"If you want to develop a show and make a good living doing a hard job then you should invest in this master class on magic."
- Norman Beck, MUM book reviewer

"This is a master work written by a stone cold pro who's done it all. Invaluable golden info and inspiration for any magician looking to up their game."
- Paul Harris

"In ASSASSIN Steve Spill lays out, with astonishing clarity, the process of developing and refining performance material that is novel, authentically you, and strong enough to kill. He also shares lethal material. This is a must read for anyone who performs stand-up magic."
- Nathan Coe Marsh, Genii Magazine Book Reviewer

"The information Assassin contains is powerful, and the material is unique, I highly recommend this book and give it a 5-star rating."
- Nick Lewin, Vanish Magazine.

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