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Revolutionary Coin Magic 2.0 - Sankey*
Revolutionary Coin Magic 2.0 - Sankey*
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Revolutionary Coin Magic 2.0 - Sankey*

The wait is over! The mind-blowing companion DVD to the world wide bestseller REVOLUTIONARY COIN MAGIC is here!

Over TWO AND A HALF HOURS of wild new coin magic featuring a parade of breath-taking new techniques including the Mephisto Change, Sickle Switch, Corkscrew Vanish, Merlin Sequence, Body Shift Production, Shaker Vanish, Messiah Clean-up, Drop Zone Production, Airborne Vanish, Wave Load, Snatch Production, Steeplechase Change, Blow Away Vanish, Freefall Transfer, Tumbleweed Production, Radar Switch, Duet Production, P.O.V. Change, Bangkok Vanish, Blink Crossing, Submarine Vanish and SO MUCH MORE!

Jay also shares the "real work" behind several BRAND NEW full-length coin routines including:

Along with a detailed psychological analysis of many of the sleights and routines, Jay also discusses such essential subjects as body language, misdirection through scripting, managing spheres of focus, making the most of different performing environments, the ballet of coin magic and MORE! SLEIGHTS TAUGHT - Snatch Production, Wave Load, Silver Fission 1, Drop Zone Production, Wide Eyed Production, Silver Fision 2, From Nowhere Production, From Nowhere Twice, Duet Production, Messiah Clean-Up, Silver Fission 3, Body Shift Production, Tumbleweed Production, Merlin Sequence, Wrinkle in Time, Freefall Transfer, Blink Crossing, Flying Shuttle, Sickle Switch, Radar Switch, Motion Change, P.O.V.Change, Steeplechase Change, Mephisto Change, Rollover Retention Vanish, Blow Away Vanish, Submarine Vanish, Double Blow Away Vanish, Shaker Vanish, Bangkok Vanish, Hypnovanish, Airborne Vanish, Gravity Vanish, Corkscrew Vanish

ROUTINES TAUGHT - Half A Coin Trick, Sound Effect, Java Transpo, Recurrency, Stand-Up Twilight, Opposable Coin, Spinner, Holy Cross, Flesh Pocket, Strike Three, Collector's Item

"The spin of its subject-matter will at first overwhelm you with its dizzying array of options: productions, vanishes, transformations. But they are designed to revitalize the hackneyed techniques of yesteryear and they will. I recommend initially watching this DVD without sound. Let your eyes be ravished, and then watch it again and again until your nervous system adjusts to its visual velocity. If your technique doesn't improve, how you think about coin technique will." - - Jon Racherbaumer

Running Time Approximately 154min

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