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Professional Close-Up Magic - Skinner
Professional Close-Up Magic - Skinner
Item Number: DV4460

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Professional Close-Up Magic - Skinner

This is an incredible opportunity to purchase a legendary magician's repertoire. Michael Skinner's magic is entertaining, direct, surprising and magical.

You get more than six hours of magic taught to you by a man who has earned a living performing and honing the material. You will learn 39 professional routines and the dozens of techniques used to accomplish them.

Volume 1

Techniques demonstrated within routines:
The Bobo Switch, Thumb Palm, Finger Palm, Side Steal Color Change, Piet Forton's Pop-Up Move, Jog Shuffle, False Count, Invisible Transfer, Spectator Peek, Peek Force, One-Hand Stud Production, Fancy Production, Hofzinser Snap Change and much more.

Volume 2 Techniques demonstrated within routines:
Thumb Palm, Top Card Turnover, Secret Transfer, Pop Double Lift, Mechanical Reverse, Christ Twist, Slip Shuffle, One Hand Bottom, Unit Control and much more.

Volume 3 Techniques demonstrated within routines:
Bounce Pass, Propelled Lapping, Multiple Top Palm, Action Palm, Vernon's Diagonal Palm Shift, Palm To Palm Transfer, Drop-Cut Force.

Volume 4 Techniques demonstrated within routines:
Peek Force, ATFUS, Christ Alignment Move, Top Change, Braue Reversal, Ascanio Spread, Carlysle Turnover and much more.

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