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Al Schneider Technique
Al Schneider Technique
Item Number: DV9919

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Al Schneider Technique

A legendary figure in magic - the inventor of Matrix and many other singular creations - teaches you not only how to do a magic - but how to be a magician! Al Schneider has spent his life not only studying magic but analyzing what makes magic effective for an audience and you'll see the amazing results on this remarkable DVD.

Volume One - Theory and Magic
Worth the cost of the entire series, this first volume in Al Schneider's landmark video series is a significant contribution to the why's and how's of performing magic. The value of the information presented here cannot be underestimated as Al Schneider presents the principles that lie at the very core of magic deception. And, to drive home each principle, an effect is performed to clearly show the importance of the principles involved. First, the effects will fool you and then you'll watch again to review the sound magic theory they represent. Al Schneider has truly developed an advanced graduate course on the theory, practice and delivery of powerful magic.

Volume Two - Close Up
More than just a collection of tricks, the material demonstrated and taught in the second volume of Al Schneider's landmark video series could easily form the backbone of an entire close-up act! Master any of these magical showpieces and you'll quickly earn a reputation for performing professional-caliber magic like one would expect to see in Las Vegas. This is truly powerful material!
Volume Three - More Close Up: Quick Tricks
In this third volume of his landmark video series, Al Schneider demonstrates and teaches a wide variety of professional-level close-up material that is sure to become a staple in your own act. Give any of these honed performance pieces the attention they deserve and you'll be performing world-class close-up magic in no time.
Volume Four - Stand Up Magic
Though he is known for his legendary close-up magic, Al Schneider is also an accomplished stand-up performer and on this volume, he performs and teaches a 15-minute act that's all packaged and ready to do. Add some practice and you'll have a powerful show for any occasion.

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