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Dagger Chest
Dagger Chest
Item Number: LB5912




Dagger Chest

Performer displays a square wooden chest with front and back openings, which the audience can see completely through. The chest is put around a spectator's head, and panels used to close the back and front, effectively trapping the head in the chest. Several daggers are now pushed through slots on the sides of the chest. Apparently they penetrate right through the head!
The front panel is now lifted away. The inside of the chest is seen to be crisscrossed with daggers. There seems to be no room to conceal anything between the dagger blades. And the spectator's head has completely vanished. The front panel is now reinserted, and the daggers removed. Panels are then lifted away to reveal the spectator's head completely unharmed. The chest is pulled off the head, and the blind fold removed. This is one of the most popular illusions of all times.
Our folding model collapses to a small compact size that can be carried in a briefcase. It can be erected in less than two minutes into a rigid form, which does not fall to pieces under normal handling. And you can dismantle it in a jiffy. Another special feature of our Dagger Chest is that you can use it with any spectator from the audience. The assistant has absolutely no part to play in the working. The spring hinged pieces open automatically when the daggers are inserted, and closed silently when the daggers are removed. By using a spectator from the audience (blindfolded so that they do not see the internal working), you greatly enhance the effect.

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