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Mismade Thank You Silk
Mismade Thank You Silk
Item Number: TA1762




Mismade Thank You Silk

This "Mismade Thank You" silk set is based on a concept of Steve Bender, owner of Ickle Pickle Products. The single "Mismade Thank You" silk has been around for many years, but Steve added a second normal "Thank You" silk to give the performer a better conclusion to the routine.

This comical ending to a performance works very well for magicians, clowns, and M.C.'s

At the conclusion of his act the performer displays a silk on which is written a mismade version of the words "Thank You." He turns the silk in various ways in an unsuccessful attempt to make the works look correct.

Finally in disgust, he shoves the silk into either his hand or small cloth bag. Then he pulls it out and displays it again. This time it correctly speels "Thank You."

Silk Dimensions Approximately 18" (45.72cm)

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