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Fully Loaded By Mark Mason - Red*
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Fully Loaded By Mark Mason - Red*

Fully Loaded By Mark Mason - Red*

Mark Mason writes: I have been performing different versions of Fully Loaded since 1995. I read a small manuscript by George Schindler and was addicted to this effect. I have tweaked, retweaked and tweaked again many methods for the signed card to sealed deck. What you have here is the method and the gaffs I have been using for the last three years.

Over the last 17 years or so, I have been asked literally thousands of times if I will release my handling to the magic fraternity. This one single item has gotten me more bookings for both magicians and laymen than any other piece of magic I have ever performed.

It can be incorporated into any card routine. The incredible thing is, it’s really not difficult to do and is well within the means of the average card guy.

A spectator’s signed card appears inside a brand-new, sealed deck of cards. Not only is it in the deck, it is also in the correct position.

Comes with three handcrafted locking/unlocking card gimmicks that load the card smoother than silk every time. Then they unlock to become a part of the spread deck. One overlap gimmick and the deck holder plus a step- by-step DVD covering everything you need to know about this incredible effect.

Mate this is your best ever it's really great congrats :)
Take care - Mark Parker

I am so glad you finally released your card to sealed deck routine, I love it!!!!
Steven Wilder

I am so happy to see that you are finally releasing this!
I have asked you about it at a couple of conventions and now, after reading this email I am super excited to get it.
David Franklin

Simply the best card trick EVER, Mark kills with this at ever convention, I cannot wait to get mine.
H W Swinerton

Fully Loaded signed card to sealed
Card case is just excellent!!!
Dave Dulebohn

I just about never purchase dealer items but I bought 'Fully Loaded' and I'm very pleased with it.
The ingenuity of the method, including all the small touches that took you so long to find yet make it work so well,
is incredible.

All the best,
Ian Rowland

Your trick Fully Loaded is great. Absolutely great and thank you for this.
Pierre Greiner.

Your idea for the 3 in one card to reduce the thickness is brilliant, and the staggered magnet system as well. 
Thank you for finally releasing this. I haven't been this enthused for practicing a new trick in a long time.
Pattrick Przysiecki

WOW WOW and WOW. Fully Loaded is just WOW. Did I mention WOW.
Brian Gladstone UK.

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