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Skynet Project by Marc Lavelle
Item Number: TB7774



Skynet Project by Marc Lavelle

Skynet Project by Marc Lavelle

In card magic, free choice is often an illusion, but for magicians and keen spectators, that illusion is easily broken.

Marc Lavelle's Skynet Project is the magician's ultimate tool for bringing in any freely chosen or thought-of card into play silently and secretly. It's an easy-to-manage utility index system that gives the user 100% unrestricted access to every card in the deck whenever and wherever they want!

You simply ask the spectator to think of any playing card. And before you can complete the sentence, "was there a reason you chose this card?", their thought-of card is quietly waiting on your palm, ready to be revealed using any method you have in your arsenal. No shuffling through a deck to find their card, no card sleights required - to them there isn't even a deck in play!

Skynet Project is by far, the easiest full-deck index available on the market. It's literally as easy as counting from 1,2,3. (Seriously, counting from 1 to 3 is part of the method). There is no memory work required, and best of all, unlike many other index systems, Marc Lavelle's Skynet Project requires no pocket space.

Initiate the Skynet System and fool even your toughest audiences.

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