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GIR Expansion Set by Matthew Garrett
Item Number: TB9121



GIR Expansion Set by Matthew Garrett

GIR Expansion Set  by Matthew Garrett

GiR are very high quality close-up linking rings that use a revolutionary new method, allowing rings to be joined and (with no switch) passed out for examination.

It is easy to do, deceptive & versatile. It can be performed surrounded, examined and it self-resets. In short, it's a real worker.


This GiR expansion set comes with a pouch bag, and 2 super high quality special GiR rings, as well as online instructions for both GiR and Linking Rings close up.

Matthew Garrett is a leading world expert on the close-up Linking Rings and the quality of his rings is unrivalled as are the in depth explanation of his routines.

The online instructions are detailed, clear and easy to follow. You will see 9 different GiR Routines from 3 leading expert performers: Matthew Garrett, Mike Hill and Brian Hoseth as well as receiving online instructions for The Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett.


"These rings allow the close-up magician to do the impossible: namely the ability to have the rings be examined before, during and after the routine. Highly recommended"

"These props are wonderful and the ideas are great."
-Shoot Ogawa

"It's a game changer, these rings are incredible."
-Michael O'Brien

"The Material is powerful, and your instructions are very clear."
-Jeff Mc Bride

Note: This set is not a trick on its own.
To use this expansion set you must already own specifically Matthew Garrett's Linking Rings Close-Up set of 4 Linking Rings in silver finish.

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