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ReaList (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami
Item Number: TB9383



ReaList (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami

ReaList (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami

Magic that's ALWAYS with you.

"Realist is clever and fooling! Knowing you can perform this even without your phone, makes this SO valuable."
- Angelo Carbone

"A great combination of method and execution. An organic force that's ALWAYS ready to go on a borrowed phone."
- Patrick Kun

"On a borrowed phone, completely impromptu... the thought behind ReaList is REALLY genius!"
- Dan White

"From the casual performer to the seasoned professional, ReaList is a natural new 'FORCE' to be reckoned with."
- Doug M

"ReaList fooled me BADLY... It is extraordinarily practical and extraordinarily versatile."
- Brian Brushwood

"This is bound to be trick of the year! Take my money!"
- Scott Tokar

From the creator of Inject comes the ULTIMATE prediction utility.

With ReaList you can force anything on a list, on the SPECTATOR'S phone, without touching their phone... perfect for remote/virtual performances or live.

This is magic that happens in THEIR hands, while you perform from ANYWHERE in the world (even while you're driving)!

TWO never-before-seen methods, are your NEW weapons of wonder:

Method 1 features:

Method 2 features:
Available for both iOS and Android.
ReaList is a revolutionary tool that will give you the freedom to perform jaw-dropping magic, at a moments notice, with nothing but a borrowed phone.


TV / Internet performance rights are included with purchase. Feel free to perform ReaList anywhere you want, with no restrictions

"I was like a little was BRILLIANT. It took me back to being a spectator."
- Steve Faukner

This app is very practical...of course it requires some practice but it is very, very natural and I don't think any spectator would suspect a thing. PRACTICALITY: 9 out of 10...EFFECTIVENESS: no question 10/10 because this app is one that I ALWAYS use, on REAL spectators and even magicians, and with the right presentation the entire audience is speechless...You truly can perform this NAKED, you can personalize this effect with your OWN is my top 3 magic apps on my phone."
- Alex

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