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CBS by Paul Vigil (Copper Brass Silver)
Item Number: TB9394




CBS by Paul Vigil (Copper Brass Silver)

CBS by Paul Vigil (Copper Brass Silver)

Paul's reputation making coin routine, taught on video for the first time. Complete with pro quality coins.

Paul Vigil is a modern legend in the underground of magic. A student and close friend of Johnny Thompson. When he performs other magicians stop and listen. There’s a reason that many people refer to him as your favorite magician’s magician. He is now sharing on film a piece of coin magic that stuns audiences and flummoxes magicians. Prepare yourself for Paul Vigil’s CBS.

In this powerhouse coin routine, the magician introduces a brass coin with a hole in it, a solid copper coin, and an American half-dollar. First, the brass and copper coin change places with the half dollar in the magician’s hands. Then they transpose places between the hands of the audience member and the spectator. When the magician tries to put the half dollar away it jumps back into their closed fist only for the brass and copper coins to vanish. For the finale, the magician vanishes the half dollar right in front of the audience’s eyes so cleanly they will be wondering if they actually saw real magic.

Paul Vigil’s take on the Copper Silver Brass plot is incredible. Not only do you learn all the moves required to do this routine, but the sleights required are well within the ability of most magicians. Included with this download are a set of gimmicked coins made to Paul’s specifications. Originally published in his sold-out book The Doors Of Deception, this is the first time Paul is sharing this effect on the film. Shot from multiple angles in the P3 Magic Studios, Paul also shares his deep thinking on every detail of this routine. This is Paul Vigil’s CBS.

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