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Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence
Item Number: TB9395



Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence

Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence

A bill is torn, then restored instantly. Looks like trick photography.. and you can immediately hand it out!

If you want crazy visual magic that looks like trick photography in real-life we have two words for you: Nicholas Lawrence. His latest effect is a hyper-visual torn and restored bill with an unthinkable method. This is Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence.

Here’s what happens:

A bill is shown on both sides. The performer tears a sizable corner of the bill showing that it’s definitely ripped. Then the corner is tossed onto the bill and visually restores. The bill can immediately be handed out for examination.

The visuals on this are unbelievable. Your audience will freak out because you can end completely clean. The bill you tear is the bill they examine. You receive a fully constructed gimmick ready to perform right out of the box. You will learn two crazy visual restorations using the Revamp gimmick, and Lawrence even teaches you how to perform the effect with borrowed money that can be signed. Perform the most visual bill restoration in history with Nicholas Lawrence’s Revamp.

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