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Treasury by Derek Ostovani
Item Number: TB9396



Treasury by Derek Ostovani

Treasury by Derek Ostovani

An impossible transformation of the signature on a BORROWED dollar bill, revealing a chosen card. Repeatable with different signatures.

Transform the ink on a borrowed dollar bill. This one is a reputation maker that leaves your audience with an impossible souvenir they will talk about for the rest of their life. This is Treasury by Derek Ostovani.

Here’s what happens. The performer borrows a dollar from the spectator and notes that every bill is signed by the Secretary of the Treasury. A card is selected from a deck, memorized, then shuffled back into the pack. The bill is wrapped around the deck and with a quick motion, the bill magically extracts a single playing card from the deck, and that turns out to be the selection. The trick isn’t over though. Because the bill is unfolded, and upon closer examination, the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury has transformed into the name of the chosen card.

The Treasury gimmick allows you to replace the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury with a playing card on any dollar bill. You can use this for a visual reveal, a prediction, or even a thought of card mentalism effect. Effects where the ink on a bill have always been tedious to set up, and required special knowledge of using a printer. The Treasury gimmick makes changing that signature a simple process for one of the most memorable effects you can do with a dollar bill. Put your mark on the magic with Derek Ostovani’s Treasury.

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