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The Lightwave ESP Deck by Adam Cooper & Big Blind Media
Item Number: TB9565



The Lightwave ESP Deck by Adam Cooper & Big Blind Media

The Lightwave ESP Deck by Adam Cooper & Big Blind Media

Bigblindmedia presents Lightwave ESP by Adam Cooper (BBM340)

"This takes ESP Decks to another level."
- Real Magic Reviews

An ESP Deck that lets you divine a card's colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!

The Lightwave ESP Deck is a brand new version of the best selling Darkwave ESP Deck released in 2020 by Bigblindmedia. Completely redesigned with a less extreme style, this brighter iteration of the deck looks both modern and versatile, meaning it can be employed in all kinds of performing environments.

Like the Darkwave, the Lightwave ESP Deck uses Adam Cooper's ingenious system with each ESP Card featuring THREE bits of information - an ESP symbol, a word and an image! And hidden away (in plain sight) on the back of each card is a brilliantly camouflaged marking system. This will allow you, in a fraction of a second, to divine both the symbol printed on the card and it's colour. But that's only the beginning... armed with this knowledge you can then employ Adam's devious secondary system to go on to reveal both the word AND the picture. Each phase is more impossible than the last, and it's all made possible with one quick glance.

These extra features allow for a huge amount of effect to be wrung from just a single selection. This is an entire act squeezed into one special deck.

What's more, this is EASY TO DO! Adam's innovative design means that you DON'T EVEN NEED to memorize anything - everything is printed on the card box. And it can be left in plain view - hidden in plain sight! The deck really does the majority of the work for you!

The Lightwave ESP Kit includes:"Adam Cooper has succeeded where so many others have failed: he has created a practical and fooling extension to the standard ESP deck. The new elements that Lightwave adds are innovative, logical and yet totally mysterious. And the methods are a worker's delight. Highly recommended."
- Mark Elsdon

"Wow, a refreshingly new and original take on the ESP Deck! This is an awesome bit of kit for any working or aspiring mentalist. The teaching is superb and the effects taught are brilliant. It's mysterious, unique, fun & an all round high quality product. Recommended"
- Steve Dela

"A knock out in the ESP genre! Like, mind-blowing outrageously good!"
- Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"This is a killer deck of ESP cards! The production is beautiful and the download is jam packed with incredible ideas. But, for me, it is the method that is absolutely mind melting! It is so clever and so easy to grasp! This is something every mentalist will want in their case!"
- Jamie Daws

"One of the best things I've seen in YEARS!"
- Jordan Murphy

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