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Pack Smart Play Anywhere 2 PSPA Supernatural Show (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott
Item Number: TC2029



Pack Smart Play Anywhere 2 PSPA Supernatural Show (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott

Pack Smart Play Anywhere 2 PSPA Supernatural Show (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott

"If you have been on the lookout for powerful AND entertaining mentalism that makes adult audiences jump to their feet in astonishment - you are going to LOVE the Pack Smart Play Anywhere Supernatural Show!"
- Bill Abbott

Pack Smart Play Anywhere. Again.

Developed and showcased at upscale private parties and corporate events The Pack Smart Play Anywhere 2: The Supernatural Show is a modern, all-inclusive show that's been choreographed from start to finish.

From the private party to the corporate stage the standing ovation-worthy Pack Smart Play Anywhere Supernatural Show is designed to astound and entertain audiences in any environment.

Each routine in the 30 minute show has been carefully sequenced to build to a more and more powerful and impossible conclusion. Enjoy performing worry-free commercial presentations with uncomplicated methods that are entertaining and baffling to thinking audiences.

It all fits in a durable travel pouch (included) you can toss into a carry-on, briefcase or glove box of a car. You can breeze through airport security lines with TSA approved props making your travel experience convenient and hassle-free. The Supernatural Show travels so easily you'll never leave home without it.

Here are the five feature effects as experienced by your audience...

1. Mind Control Deluxe

The Supernatural Show opens with Bill Abbott's Mind Control Deluxe, where borrowed objects are placed in a row at the front and by using the power of suggestion you coerce a randomly selected audience participant to choose the EXACT object that has been indelibly predicted far in advance.

*Keep in mind the prediction shown is in full view from the beginning and it is always 100% accurate!

**The tailor-made Mind Control Deluxe props have been completely redesigned, are bullet-proof and made to last a life-time.

2. The World's Fastest Card Trick

You jump into an incredible demonstration of lightning fast sleight of hand in The Worlds Fastest Card Trick. A brand new, sealed pack of cards is opened, inspected and shuffled by an audience member. One of the cards is selected, replaced and the cards are immediately shuffled again by the participant.

A rubber band is wrapped around the deck holding the case closed and the deck is placed into the performers pocket. In a split second the performer plunges his empty hand in and out of the pocket coming straight out with a single is the chosen card!

*The deck is also immediately pulled out, and it's still trapped by the rubber band and inside the card box!

3. The Octopus Unleashed

Enter the Octopus Unleashed, a complete reworking of Bill Abbott's original GROUND BREAKING Octopus Deck. You have EIGHT different spectators open the deck at any place, peek at and remember a random card. Without any pumping, questions, card controls, marked cards, or sleight of hand, you begin revealing specific details about each and every selected card! Then, with sniper-like precision, you name each of the eight cards, naming their thought of cards, garnering the spectacular audience response that only REAL mind reading could scare up.

*Forget what you know about traditional peek decks, tossed out decks, or any deck currently or historically available, or known. The Octopus Unleashed is unlike any other.

**The specially printed and assembled Octopus Unleashed decks are not available anywhere else.

4. Tattoo

5 women are invited to the stage to participate and you ask them to take a mental journey to an incredible girls weekend where they are booked into a beautiful hotel. During this imaginary weekend they all wake up on Sunday morning to a big surprise, they each have a brand new tattoo!

The ladies recreate the imaginary tattoo on laminated cards which are collected and mixed by one of the participants. That participant chooses one of the cards which is dropped inside a pouch by the participant, zipped closed and tossed far away from you, the performer.

Analyzing the remaining 4 shuffled tattoo designs, you reveal personality traits of the various 'artists' with hilarious results... then you guess which tattoo design pairs with each woman...and all four are 100% correct!

The final woman, whose tattoo design remains a mystery, stands back to back with you, and is asked to redraw her tattoo on a large board. You do the same, attempting to pick up on her thoughts. You and the participant reveal your artwork at the same time...they match PERFECTLY!

*Tattoo is one of the easiest and most direct routines of its kind, achieving an incredibly entertaining routine with multiple revelations, concluding with the extremely visual design duplication climax!

**The specially created props make it easy to do and a joy to perform.

5. The Magical Mystery Tour

In the dramatic finale, entitled The Magical Mystery Tour, you draw attention to a large inflated black balloon resting on the top of a long metal stick that an audience member has been holding since the beginning of the show. You state that because they've been such a great crowd, you want to take them all with you on an all-inclusive vacation - your treat!

Three random spectators, are asked for a destination anywhere in the world, a specific departure time and one main activity to do while on this fantasy vacation. Removing all the cards from your wallet (bank cards, gift cards, library cards, etc.) you ask a fifth spectator select one to pay for the vacation, which they do.

Finally, the balloon is removed from the metal clip/stick by the participant who shakes it to discover something bouncing around inside. The balloon is popped and a paper prediction is discovered inside and unfolded by the spectator and read allowed...

EVERY DETAIL of the audience-created vacation is 100% BANG ON! Even down to the card used to pay for it. A mind blowing ending to a truly Supernatural Show!

*The made-to-order Magical Mystery Tour Prediction Pads included make pre-setting every show a breeze and the tailor-made telescoping clip ensure the prediction is seen from the beginning of the show until the jaw dropping revelation.

The Complete Pro Pack Includes:

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