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Pocket Portal by Samuel King
Item Number: TC2065

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Pocket Portal by Samuel King

Pocket Portal  by Samuel King

Works like a gimmick...but isn't.

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Designed in real leather by Australia's Sam King, Pocket Portal is a utility device for your coin magic.

It has:

"Works like a gimmick, looks like a normal coin purse."

In magic, there's a scale...At one end is sleight-of-hand and at the other end are gimmicks.

Pocket Portal is smack bang in the middle of this scale. The secret is in its design.

You cannot perform this kind of clean coin magic with any normal coin purse - yet Pocket Portal has no secret gimmick.

It's designed to just work.

On this project, you'll learn how to use Pocket Portal for:The tuition is shared between master coin magician Eric Jones and creator Sam King. Each instructor will slowly walk you through the obvious and not so obvious possibilities with this device.

In over 45 minutes of crystal-clear video, these two will guide you through what you get and many ways to destroy your audience with it.

Available in two sizes; Half Dollar & Dollar, this is Pocket Portal.

Get yours TODAY.

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