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Zerox by Roddy McGhie
Item Number: TC2548

5 stars


Zerox by Roddy McGhie

Zerox by Roddy McGhie

Print thought of cards as though you had a tiny photocopy machine in your pocket. This is the kind of magic your spectators can’t look away from. The cards actually light up while the ink prints on the blank cards. This is Zerox by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces some double blank cards and explains that these have special photocopying technology built right into them. From an ordinary deck, one card is selected, and another is remembered. One of the double blank cards are touched to the selected card. Suddenly a light zips across the back of the blank card, and when it’s turned over, the face of the selected card is printed. The light shines again, apparently from the card itself, and the back prints as well. The freshly printed card is now placed face down in the hand of the spectator who is only thinking of a card. The light shines for the third time, and when the card is turned over, the thought of card is double printed onto the face of the card in their hand.

Zerox is the kind of trick only Rhoddy McGhie could create. This take on Daryll’s Presto Printo effect features a magical light that everyone associates with photocopying. The appearance of the light is just as magical as the printing itself. You are going to get huge reactions with the specially made gimmicks that make both the light and the printing possible. The sleights involved are simple to do, and the gimmicks make this charming trick so much fun to perform. Print your spectator's thoughts with Zerox by Rhoddy McGhie.

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Great routine! I thought the copier light would be fun, but I have a better reaction than flash paper. The method of the light is a great example of misdirection. The double copy is a great close. Perform this trick at the worst copier in the office...ha, talk about a reputation. - Ben L

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