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Bicycle Gaff Index
Item Number: TC2747



Bicycle Gaff Index

Bicycle Gaff Index

GAFF INDEX deck is an assortment of poker cards including 56 gaff cards printed on the most used cards in the world of magic : Bicycle Rider back.

In addition to this 56 cards deck, you will have access to a tutorial video (1h40) explaining 15 routines that can be performed with the cards included in the GAFF INDEX deck.

You can also use these special cards to create your own routines!

The GAFF INDEX deck is composed of:

Here are some routines explained in the tutorial video:

The thinking card: You present 5 cards to your spectator and ask him to choose one mentally and memorize it. After a magical gesture, a card is erased and becomes blank: it is exactly the card thought by the spectator.

Oil and water: You shuffle the deck and take out 3 red cards and 3 black cards. Then the cards are alternated to mix the red and black cards. Magically the red and black cards will separate. After doing the same experiment a second time, the cards of the whole deck will separate with the red cards on one side and the black cards on the other.

Impression: You start by showing a completely blank card (face and back) and then ask the spectator to name the queen of his choice. Once the card has been named, you take the blank card and magically make the face of the spectator's chosen card appear. Finally you will magically print the back of the card that you can give to the spectator to examine.

Merge: You make your audience choose two cards and then thanks to a magical gesture the two cards will merge together. Once the audience has examined the card, you will magically separate the two cards back to the original situation.

Change: You show a prediction card that has a different back before you start. Then the spectator chooses a card that does not match your prediction. You then take your prediction card and insert it into the deck, leaving it sticking out. Then the card will visually change into the spectator's chosen card. You can then give the card to the spectator to examine.

4 in 1: You have your audience freely select four cards and then reveal that they are exactly the four 4's in the deck (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds). You then take a special card that has a different back and a blank face and place it on top of the four cards. After a few seconds, the card is printed and the four indexes of the 4s appear.

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